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Before I start, I want everyone to understand the car I am selling was in an accident. The car has a salvage title and will need to be repaired, inspected and titled as rebuilt.

Co-Part had me sign the salvage certificate so I prefer to sell to someone semi local just in case I have to go with them to inspection station or DMV.

Car was in accident on passenger side. The accident damaged:

Hood - Small dent, can be repaired
Front Bumper - Scratches can be repaired
Right Headlight - Still works but AFS is not working and glass cover is busted, I have replacement
Right Fender - Toast, but I have replacement
Right Fender Support - Toast, I will buy another soon
Right Fender Liner - Probably can be fixed but I will buy another
Right Bumper Reflector - MIA but I have replacement
Right Side Marker - OK but I have black replacements
Right Front Passenger Door - Toast, but I have replacement
Right Rear Passenger Door - Small Dent but can be fixed
Right Curitan air bag deployed - Toast but I have replacement

Aside from accident, car is clean inside and out.

Peeking around, the car has some modifications:

Miltek Exhaust
Bilstien struts and shocks.
VF Engineering Motor Mount
APR Sway Bar Links??
S4 Wheels (I think) with 4 matching Continental DWS Extreme Contact tires in great condition

After replacing the battery override relay and charging the batter (2014 OEM Battery), the car fired right up. So leaks, no frame damage, idles smooth. no CEL. All error codes pertain to SRS and AFS,

I will be working on this car in the next two weeks but I am willing to sell now if anyone is interested. Car has two sets of keys and a valet key. Car appears to be dealer maintained. An experienced person could fix this car in a couple of weekends.

Let me know if you have any questions. :thumbup:
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