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Selling my 2009 Mercedes-Benz E350 with AMG package, black on black, has 123073 miles.

Family-owned car. Maintenance always done on time (oil change done recently, inspection only shows front brake pads nearing but not needing replacement).
It has the AMG package, got paint correction, interior detail, and Suntek tint less than a year ago. New cabin and engine air filters in 2021.

The only bad are cosmetic:
  • small tear on driver's seat
  • touch-up paint on some chips (seen on photos)
  • minor curb rash - scratch on front right headlamp
  • small crack on windshield (i filled it with some Permatex sealant, no bigger than a quarter)

Only major repair was the front bumper cover, when a trash truck backed into the car (bumper was in terrible condition anyway) and an aftermarket tail light (but circuit board and bulbs transplanted from the old tail light, which needed replacement due to a crack)

Asking $6,800. Will consider trades for a low-maintenance hatchback/wagon. Subaru, Mazda, VW preferred, but open to any offer.

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