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FS: 2011 GTI 6SP Black 2D Autobahn, 106K, Louisville KY

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Pictures soon.

  • 11 GTI
  • 6 speed manual
  • 2 door
  • Autobahn package (roof, leather, keyless, dynaudio with nav, heated seats)
  • Standard 18" wheels from that year.
  • Bi-xenons with auto adjust
  • 106K, driving every couple days.
  • No mods.
  • Always adult owned. No accidents. Small dings of course. I'm 2nd or 3rd owner, I bought in 14 as my daily.
  • Both keys, manuals, window sticker, etc.

  • ~5K on tires.
  • Will need a clutch soon. Still on the factory clutch. Doesn't slip but makes noise on launch when cold. Can sell as it sits today or if it doesn't sell I'll have a clutch done.
  • Diverter valve throwing an error (factory valve still installed). Have ECS diverter replacement, comes with car. Will have repaired when the clutch is done.
  • ~1 year old interstate battery
  • Everything else works
Can be sold both as is and with new clutch, etc. PM if interested and we can discuss. I love this car but I'm picking up a '19 in a few weeks.

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Any pictures? Price?
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