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2011 VW GTI Autobahn

Asking $7000

United Grey
110k miles - Going up as this is my daily
Leather Interior
Heated Seats

Some mods:
- Smoked mirror turn signals
- APR Stage 1 (was stage 2 before we bought it, ACI has said they would put if back to stage 2 for free if I put an exhaust and intake on it)
- H&R Sport springs
- LED Bi-Xenon (OEM lights, upgraded as not initially available on this model year)
- Color matched vinyl insert in rear badge

- Oil change every 5k since we purchased at 46k miles
- HPFP replaced under warranty
- Carbon cleaning and intake manifold done under warranty 20-30k ago (been awhile, can't quite remember)
- New pads and rotors at 100k
- Clutch pack replaced at 100k
- Rear main seal replaced at 100k (had an oil leak, been great since)
- DSG fluid replaced at 95k
- Air filter (cabin and engine) replaced at 100k

I've loved this car as long as I've owned it, but I'm looking to get into something a little more family friendly for road trips now that we had a kid (Sportwagen here I come). The car does have small chips in the paint, and the bottom of the front bumper is chipped/scraped from being lowered and crappy roads with potholes. It was hit on the side several years ago while parked, but was repaired and it's been driven daily for 3 years since without issue. I don't think it's an issue, but want to be honest about the car's history when selling.

The car was stage 1 when I purchased it at around 46k, and was tuned previously by ACI Dynamix. From what they've said awhile ago, they would be happy to reflash to Stage 2 if the proper upgrades were done, since it's technically already been purchased for this vehicle.

FYI - The roof rack can come with the car for the right price, but the GTD front grill will not. I will be putting the stock red stripe grill back on.

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