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This car is in beautiful condition. Has the rare 6 speed manual transmission.
I ended up flying to Wisconsin to buy this thing in 2015 and driving it back here because there were so few Audi's with manual transmissions around.
The old halogen headlights housings have been changed out and upgraded to the Depo projectors with HID 5000k (super white).
They're OEM style replacements for the stock headlights from the B8 "facelift" which occurred midway through 2012, so they are the B8.5 headlight housings from late 2012-2015 models.
The clutch was fully replaced right around 52,000 miles by a certified Audi mechanic, so that's almost brand new.
Windows are tinted to 20%.
Fog lights have also been upgraded to yellow 3000k LEDs.
The rear license plate bulbs have also been upgraded to bright white LED bulbs and it looks fantastic.
A number of the interior lights have also been replaced with bright white LEDs.
Both front seats are full power seats. Power moonroof as well.
A/C blows super cold and the heat super hot.
The stock stereo system has a CD player, Radio, SD card slot, and Satellite Radio built in if you subscribe to it, and something like 12 speakers. It sounds crisp and is very loud.
There is full hands-free Bluetooth calling, complete with voice commands controlled right from the steering wheel controllers.
Originally, the 2012s could not stream bluetooth audio, but I purchased, and will include, an aftermarket bluetooth module (pictured) allowing you to stream audio from any bluetooth smartphone or device.
The wheels have also been upgraded from the 17" stock metal wheels to the 19" S4 style spoke wheels.
There are VERY few spots of curb rash and only on the passenger side.
The low profile tires have, at minimum, 5-6 months of meat left on them, or more depending on your driving habits obviously.
There are also front and rear wheel spacers and all the wheels come right out to the fenders. Looks very cool.
Also included will be a Hi-Def 360 degree dash/rearview mirror dual camera (pictured)which records audio as well.
There is a full sized 19" spare of the same type. It's not pretty, as in it's not painted to match the other 4 wheels, but it's the same kind as the other wheels and is fully functional, so it will certainly serve it's purpose.
I'm selling the roof rack separately for $200 if you're interested.
It comes with the locks/keys and the two bike attachments which also have locks/keys.

I absolutely love this car, and other than replacing the clutch, there have been NO other issues at all, and it's been the most reliable car I have ever owned.
I've baby'd it for as long as I've had it.
Warming it up every single morning (until the RPMs settle) without fail before I get on the road.
The ONLY reason I'm reluctantly letting it go is because the wife and I decided to buy an electric.

For any serious potential buyers I am more than willing to drive it to your repair shop or your mechanic, let's say within like a 25 mile radius of Seattle, to have the car thoroughly looked over before you buy it.
Anything further away than that I'd ask that you bring your mechanic along if you care to do so.
If you have any questions or want to look at the car, test drive it, or even just discuss it, please feel free to text or email and I'll get back to you asap.
If you'd like to talk on the phone, just send a text or an email with your phone number first please.
I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize anymore.

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