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FS: 2012 Jetta GLI Autobahn DSG w/Nav & APR Stage II+ (Denver, CO) - $15k

I am reluctantly selling my Black 2012 Jetta GLI Autobahn w/Nav (DSG) -Lots of great mods (Stage II+ECU Tune, Intake/Downpipe, DSG Flash, ESP Button, Rear Camera, Lights, the works!) and in great shape. Its basically been brought up to spec with a 2013 GLI Autobahn/Nav trim + performance and visual enhancements. I am first owner, and its always been garage kept.

This currently pulls about 247 WHP / 282 ft tq vs. the stock 196WHP / 217 ft tq - Its a Big difference - and awesome to drive. Has ECU Maps for 91, 93 and 100 Octane.

It has just come up on 60k miles on it, and has been babied every step of the way. It was my daily driver (highway miles) - had oil changed like clockwork every 6k miles with synthetic - and maintained very, very well. This is a very fast ride - the Stage II+ and DSG upgrades make this thing a joy to drive, and the other upgrades give this 2012 every feature you would find in a 2013, and more. Currently has a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports in good shape (Summer Ultra Performance Tires, about $1200) and I also have 3 Ultra performance winter tires (Michelin Pilot Alpin) that are coming with it as well. Interior is in wonderful shape - with the only blemish being a surface crack forming in the leatherette on the drivers seat edge. Exterior is great, a few pits from road dust but nothing major, and the rims have a few scuffs from a rogue car wash - but not bad. (Will post some pictures). The only reason I am selling it is that I have an R on the way - and the garage just isnt big enough for both of them :) Priced just a tad above blue book, even with all these extra options, not interested in fleecing anyone - just wanna get the guy to a new home where he will be loved!. Message me here if you are interested in more information!

Here is a complete list of specs and mods, I've kept close track of all of them, and posted them on various build threads, but here is the full list :

"Stuff" Installed or Modified

  • Ceramic Tint / Protective Bra
  • APR Carbonio Intake
  • APR Stage 2+ ECU
  • APR 3" Downpipe
  • ESP Button Install
  • DRL Light Swap
  • Rear Backup Camera Install
  • HPA Stage 2 DSG Flash
  • Disabled my SoundAktor
  • Interior LED Upgrades
  • Dedicated windshield-mount 2A phone cradle

VagCom Tweaks

  • Windows/Sunroof roll up/down with key remote on unlock.
  • Enabled Sunroof Open/Close after door is opened.
  • KESSY: Allow locking of car while running and the key is not in it.
  • Removed Navigation input warning while driving
  • Adjusted the Bluetooth speaker sensitivity down to reduce background noise
  • Turned the Push-To-Talk button on the steering wheel to mute (God I hated hitting that on accident and having "VW Betty" scare the balls outta me)
  • Disabled Open Door Chime when key is in.
  • Enabled the "Gallons to Refuel" option on the MFD.
  • Changed my service intervals / mileage to 7k
  • Changed the "Comfort Turn Signal" count to 5 from 3.
  • Enabled the Seat Heater Memory when the car is turned off
  • Enabled the Fog Light Turning feature
  • Increased the Torque Steering Compensation (This was awesome)
  • Increased the sensitivity of the brake pedal (Brake Assist)
  • Enabled individual ESP/ASR control with the ESP button (Also cool)
  • Added the TPMS reset option to the MFD.
  • [3/13] Updated DRL's to stay on when blinker is on.
  • [3/13] Enabled the horn with the ignition off.
  • [3/13] Enabled Brake lights when ignition off.
  • [3/13] Enabled Brake/Turn Signal flashing when heavy braking
  • [3/13] Enabled Electronic Differential Lock on braking (More brake pressure to slipping tire)
  • [3/13] Disabled Hill Hold
  • [3/13] Enable/Disable DRL Added to my MFD

Ceramic Tint / Clear Bra
Clear Bra and Huper Optik Ceramic tint. It was a bit pricey, but I wanted as much heat dissipation as possible. And I had to go with 40%, which isn't as dark as I wanted it, and not even down to the legal limit. If I were to do it over again, I would probably just do some high quality non-ceramic, but for now I am enjoying the swag value. Here it was after the tint.

APR Carbonio Intake
At 1000 miles I put on the full APR Carbonio Intake. It went on easy, looked great, sounded awesome. Decided the APR sticker was too much for me, so I stuck a Stage II+ on the Engine Cover haha. And had to figure out something to do with that damn CBFA breather.

Small Debadge
Replaced the "I" in the back GLI bage with a Red "I" to stand out.

APR Stage II+ ECU / APR 3" Downpipe
APR Stage II+ ECU tune and 3" Downpipe installed by Autohaus in Boulder. Finding a local shop who could flash the '12 was not easy - Everyone said they could flash it only to find out they needed new flash hardware from APR to support the 2012's. I chased what appeared to be the only set in Colorado (as of last June) to AutoHaus. They flashed it up, I got to watch the whole process, which I thought was cool. I'm a gadget and electronics freak anyway, so it wasn't magic to me - but it was nice to watch it all.

DRL Color Change
Replaced the DRL's with orange, because I liked that look. So I popped my huge man hands down in there to replace those with some 7507 bulbs, I personally think they look better. I do wish I could get the DRL and signal lights to be on at the same time like they are on the euro's Ive seen, I might be looking into bridging those if I can have time to fool with the resistance so it doesn't cause a bulb out. The GLI's are pretty touchy. Its amazingly hard to take pictures of lights - they look good in person - I may have to break out some filters

Disabled SoundAktor
I saw other people disabling their SoundAktor's, and saying how much quieter the ride was (As you know that's the artificial vibration transducer installed under the windshield to fool you into thinking your car sounds more "Throaty"). I never disabled it, I kinda liked the deeper rumble. But I decided to try it, and I have to say I like it without it. It is quieter, and I found that in many cases the SoundAktor made me think the car was struggling more than in really was (At low RPM's) - After disabling this, I can clearly hear the real engine, and even my exhaust note - and it makes feeling the car a lot easier. Sorry. Buh-bye fake rumble - We will miss you.

ESP Button Install
Next came the ESP button install - I couldn't believe the '12s didnt come with one - It boggles my mind. What wizard at VW thought *that* would be a good idea? But I've got KESSY, so my left most button on the panel has the start button, and every button I could find last summer for ESP (Or anything close) had a rounded button - I just felt like all the other aftermarket ones looked a little cheesy. I like the OEM look, so I figured I would wait till the parts for the '13 came out, and grab an OEM one with straight edges. Got that a couple weeks ago, and put in the ESP button. One of the best mods I've done, a MUST - and looks factory as it should :

HPA DSG Stage 2 Flash
Went with HPA's Stage 2, as I really wanted launch control. 3z3 put that in. Launch control rocks. Good thing I got the ESP disable installed so I could utilize it. I have definitely noticed the different in shift points, and the flash disabled the kickdown that the stock DSG would do when you pounded on it, and it gave the gear indicators back in all modes on the MFD - so in the end it was worth it - Just pricey.

Backup Camera Installation
I also grabbed a Tiguan backup camera kit from Bold Sport, and installed that into the trunk latch last weekend and wired in up the RNS-315, so now I have the backup camera working, and its got the cool factor. Yeah - I know, I'm a gadget freak though so everything that lights up is cool to me.

Internal LED Replacement
Got some no-code 5000k LED interior lights from deautokey, which replaced the dome lights (Front and back), visor lights, trunk light, and glove box lights. Man what a difference that made. I knew it would make a difference, but it was more than I expected. Its so much brighter, and whiter. Great deal for $50. Here are the before and after shots.

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