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It is somewhat painful to do this, but I am offering my Suzuka Gray 2012 TTRS up for sale that has provided me with 2 years of trouble free ownership. I find myself spending less time in the city and more time in the mountains so I'm rarely getting the time to enjoy this car. I recently picked up a 2020 4Runner TRD Pro that I'm having a blast with and I want to focus more of my time and attention on that car.

The most important message I can relay about the car is that it has been a rock solid performer and 100% reliable under my ownership. While the car has 64,000 miles on it, the previous owner replaced the full longblock and accessories at 52,000 miles so you effectively have a 12,000 mile motor in the car. I would not hesitate to pack a suitcase and drive this car coast to coast tomorrow. This has always been my second car and lived in the garage so it avoided rainy days and direct sun, but I did have it out during a few snow days this year. The car was always washed as soon as weather would allow following this. The body is in excellent condition for 64,000 miles. The leading edges have protective film and I have only found a handful of small paint chips. I have not found any dings or dents on the car.

The car performs incredibly well and consistently in the thin CO air. The car has gone as fast as 122.5mph in 9,000'+ DA on 100 octane and as quick as 11.5 at 5,500' during the winter on an e30 blend. For reference, C7' Z06's and Hellcats trap under 120mph in Devner. The scales at the track showed 3,170lbs with low fuel and the braille battery installed. I have never had the car on a road course, but the car does very well in the canyons and I will run the flat torque map at ~24lbs those days because it is simply too fast for my driving ability on the 30lbs map.

My asking price is $37,650 and I am pretty firm here. We can negotiate wheel/tire setup if the price needs to move. I am happy to coordinate a PPI with deposit and will be updating photos as soon as I have a chance to detail the car.

2012 TTRS – 64,000 miles - Mileage will increase over the summer

Factory Options
Suzuka Gray Metallic
Technology package
Carbon mirrors
Titanium Sports Package (Sport exhaust & Titanium finished wheels not available/included)


Under my ownership
I purchased the car with 58,000 miles on the odometer in August 2018.
Rear OEM passenger strut replaced at 58,000 miles
Turbo/Clutch/ HPFP upgraded at 60,100 miles.
Fluids at 62,224 miles – Motul engine and diff fluid. OEM Haldex fluid.

Under previous ownership
Details provided by the local Audi dealership. Full service history available. These are what I consider major items.
Feb 2018 / 52k miles – Full OEM long block replaced with Audi supplied parts. This service included new alternator, water pump, injectors, fuel filter, and fuel delivery control unit.
March 2014 / 18k miles - Engine wiring harness replaced


AMD / Iroz Xona Hybrid Turbo
AWE Front Mount Intercooler
Autotech High Pressure Fuel Pump
AEM Stage 2 Water / Methanol Injection: This is a progressive controller based on boost with a single 500ml nozzle installed just after the intercooler outlet. The controller is mounted at the driver’s left knee and the OEM washer tank is used for the supply. This was only used for cooling and not to supply additional fuel.
CTS Turbo Catless Downpipe currently installed. OEM downpipe w/ primary cat included.
CTS Turbo Intake currently installed - Stock intake with MRC panel filter also included
AWE switch path cat-back: I rewired to simple open/close with switch that is concealed in the OEM ash tray. It is OEM level quiet when closed and screams when open.
Catless mid-pipes currently installed. OEM midpipes with secondary cats are included.

034 Motorsports rear sway bar
Passenger side rear strut repalced at 58k miles

Sachs Performance 4-puck clutch: This clutch is aggressive, but I am able to drive it smoothly and consistently with a little practice. Anyone unfamiliar with the car is likely to stall it once or twice before getting the engagement down.
Black Forest Industries Motor Mount - Street and Race Density Included. Street Density currently installed
034 Motorsports Street Transmission Mount
034 Motorsports Dogbone Arm
HPA Pendulum (Dogbone) street density mount

Wheels / Tires
OZ Super Forgiata 19x9 ET 50 fitted with MPS 4S installed April 2019. Under 2,000 miles on the tires. These wheels are incredibly light at ~18lbs and pricey (~$1,600 each). We can swap the PS4’s onto the OEM wheels if the buyer would like to negotiate price.
OEM Wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Alpin installed January 2020

XTRONS Android Head unit. OEM RNSE Included with sale
PODI boost gauge installed in driver side vent. Factory vent hardware included
Rear seat delete carpet kit. Factory rear seats included.

Leading edges have protective film that has done its job, but starting to show age in areas.
Carbon fiber rear wing and front chin spoiler – Installed by previous owner, but I believe the parts are OSIR.
OSIR carbon fiber spark plug cover.

Vagcom cable and OBD-Eleven included with sale. 2 of 3 VINS remaining on Vagcom.
OEM battery currently installed. Braille 15lb battery, mounting hardware, and off brand trickle charger included.
CTS throttle body spacer included. I planned to add a second meth nozzle, but discovered I would have to reroute 3 coolant lines to make everything fit as I wrapped up the project and did not want to modify that extensively.

The Good:
This car has been 100% reliable under my ownership. I have never had a single check engine light, misfire, slow start up, or issue that would make the car unsuitable for daily use or keep it from performing to its full potential.
The protective film on the paint has done its job. The only chips in the paint I’ve been able to locate are roughly the size of a ball point pen head. The only notable paint issue is the GPS antenna’s leading edge where the paint has peeled.

The not so good
One of the Superforgiatas has a bend in the lip and all four need refinishing as the factory paint is beginning to peel off in areas. I was planning to address all of these this spring but those plans were put on hold with the COVID shutdown. I can have a shop inspect the wheel to confirm reparability prior to sale, but am opting to hold off on refinish so new owner can determine color/finish.
While the protective film has done its job in protecting the paint, there are a few areas where it is showing age through minor bubbling or dirt collecting under the edges. I would be OK with the condition for the foreseeable future, but it is worth noting.
Budget for new pads and rotors in the next few thousand miles.
The carpet kit for the rear seat delete doesn’t cover the corners where the bench would rest (photo included)
A previous owner somehow broke the rod that connects the interior hood release while it was in place. I purchased a new hood release, but it won’t seat full and there is a gap of ½” caused by the broken rod (photo included). It works just fine, but will come out if you pull it sideways while releasing hood. It can simply be pushed back into place when this happens.


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In reviewing my pricing and and some of the recent sales/ads I am going to lower my price by $2,250 to provide the new buyer an allowance for brakes and to refinish the OZ wheels. New asking price is $35,400.

I have also dropped in some interior photos below as those have not been included to this point.


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Hate white cars, but I'm really glad you posted that back shot of the car where it looks grey. Otherwise I would have thought it was plain old white, and not that cool grey pearl.(y)
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