Model:Golf GTI
Mileage:155000 M
Selling my Volkswagen GTI coupe! I’m getting an electric car, no need for two vehicles. Sad to see this one go.
UPDATE: Not currently for sale, but I'm keeping the ad up. Electric car (Ioniq5) was underdamped so I sold it and kept the GTI, for now. Will continue to drive it until I find a "sporty" handling EV or PHEV, and then I'll sell the GTI. Feel free to send a message if you're interested, and I'll reach out in the future when my GTI becomes available.

Excellent mechanical condition, very good cosmetic condition. Perfectly reliable, this is honestly the best car I’ve ever owned. I’m a mechanical engineer, previous owner was a mechanic, car has been well cared for.

Located in Northern DE, but willing to travel to neighboring states for a serious buyer. Open to reasonable offers...

  • clean title, no accidents
  • 34mpg average per my Fuelly data
  • majority highway / rural driving
  • dealership maintained, 5k oil changes with records, transmission fluid changed at 150k (preventative)
  • replaced clutch + throw out bearing at 121k miles (Audi TTRS clutch kit from ShopDAP, kept OEM dual mass flywheel)
  • 225/40R18 Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires have approx 2/3 tread life remaining
  • 205/55R16 Michelin X-Ice 3 snow tires on steelies included, approx 1/2 tread life remaining
  • extra set of floor mats included
  • both keys included

  • upgraded head unit to support carplay / android auto with USB (RCD 330)
  • DEAUTOKEY LED low beam headlights, DEAUTOKEY LED reverse lights, LED license plate, trunk, and glove box lights
  • 3M black vinyl applied to red stripe on front grille, easy to remove if you want the red stripe
  • coded the following tweaks (can revert if you don't want these)
    • window up/down enabled via key fob
    • inner tail lights follow outer tail light behavior (for brake and turn signals)
    • LED fog lights behave as DRL (switch positions 0 and 1)
      • original halogen DRL turns on for switch positions 1 and 2
        • switch position 2 shown in 2nd photo below, with low beams on
    • turned off the 39ºF ice warning
    • window switches stay active after you take out key and open door
    • OBDEleven module available if you want it (assuming I don't buy a another VAG car)
  • was previously stage 1 tuned by Stratified Automotive with Cobb AccessPort (from approx 130k to 150k miles)
    • "low torque" 91 octane stage 1 tune, intended for all stock hardware, targets stock air/fuel ratios except under increased boost (then runs rich to keep cylinder temperatures low)
    • I took the tune off when I was ready to sell the car, and haven't really missed it. With the tune I would generally avoid getting into the boost because I didn't want the rich A/F ratio to tank my fuel economy average. Without the tune I can get into boost and maintain stoichiometric ratio, so fuel economy doesn't suffer. 1st and 2nd gear are generally traction limited anyway (at least on public roads, and I haven't taken the car on any prepared surfaces like tracks or drag strips).
    • Cobb AccessPort and the Stratified Stage 1 tune can be included with car for additional $500. Used market for MK7 AccessPort going rate is $500, so consider the Stratified tune to be included free (Stratified tune is tied to this VIN).

Cosmetic imperfections:
  • small rock chip above AS1 line on windshield, professionally filled (with documentation)
  • very small paint chips on hood, etc
  • minor wear to bolster fabric on driver’s seat

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