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Audi SQ5 2019, VW Golf R 2016
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Dropped the price, updated pics, and updated miles for recent miles (sits today at 48,712). Looking to sell soon or pull insurance and store. It's a 2016 Oryx White Golf R for $26,000.

The car has been regularly serviced (have all the records) here in Seattle by UniversityVW. I am the second owner and bought the car with 31k miles 2 years ago from RodgerJobs in Bellingham, WA. I have only put 18k in 2 years on it and car has never been wrecked/in accident. Previous owner purchased the car new at UniversityVW (serviced there too). The car is in great condition with only minor exterior nicks and curb scratched (see below for more detail). The interior is in mint condition with very little signs of wear and tear. Everything in the car works great.

Car has not been tracked or tuned/chipped. It's basically been a fun daily driver (when commuting was a thing) with lots of winter laps to mountains.

The car is currently running on winter tires - Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 with the factory 18inch alloys. There are not summer tires avail with the sale (the last time I flipped to winter the summer rubber was done - the plan was to find an aftermarket 18 or 19in set of summer wheels/tires to go back on for the end of the winter). Note in the below pics that there is bad curbing on wheels (result of a pour choice to parallel parking in the bad snowstorms in Seattle 2018). The current tires have good tread left (~15k of use - I pulled them from a MK6 GTI I had before the R for one season - they have only run on the R for two winters).

Email [email protected] or message via VWvortex.

Extras/Not Shown:
Thule Roof Rack and Ski/Board carrier (shown)
Front license place bracket (not shown)
Front driver/pasengar windows are tinted (same tint as factory back/rear)
Factory jack/road side assistance kit and owners manual
GOLF winter mats
Two remote entry keys/touch-less
Trailer hitch (used for Bike carrier)

Spec Details:
Please see original window sticker for the details.

Winter driving chips, nicks and scratches of note (car is great condition otherwise):
Paint nicks: There are a few small chips about the size of a ball point pen caused by tires kicking up rocks during winter driving (pictured on hood near VW emblem, one on driver roof line, one below passenger front door handle).

Front left paint scratch: on the left front spoiler there are a few scratches.

Windshield: 2 small glass chips (from winter rocks)

Wheel rash: both right tires have been badly rubbed (noted above) and left rear slight rash


More photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/L5p92X
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