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I absolutely love this car, but thanks to the ‘Rona it’s just sitting in my driveway and I can’t really justify the 2nd car payment. So I’m looking at trying to find someone who is in a better position to enjoy the car.

2019 White GLI Autobahn.


6spd Manual
Dealer tint with lifetime warranty (transferable)
VwCare prepaid maintenance transferable to 60k miles
Fidelity Term Care service contract covers “all recommended service items”, (except tires, but cover brakes, rotors, wipers, etc) until 60k. Also transferable.
Approx 7,800 miles.

If interested or have any questions, please pm me. DC/VA/MD/WV area. Looking at either a lease takeover (33mo remaining, 60k miles) or a lease buyout (currently $24k, give or take)
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