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Car and engine are located in Tucson, AZ. My ambition was to put the two together for a track car, but it is seeming less and less likely with my work schedule and all.
The car:
Car needs general overhaul. No title, engine, trans, bumpers or interior. Good windshield with new seal(replaced 2001), have extra side and real glass as well. A ’68 and later IRS rear end was swapped in with cromed adjustable SAW plates and red urethane bushings. The car center-punched something at some point as the front apron is missing and the two fenders are slightly bent in but no damage to the front beam, I also have a replaceable hood. The right rear taillight housing was pushed in slightly(have rear fenders). Both doors need new hinges put in(have extra doors) and both floor sections should be replaced(Innovations still makes floor sections). The wiring is workable, although rough and could be replaced. The shell itself is very straight and would make an excellent race car(drag, auto-x, rally, track, ???) as it’s mostly gutted right now. I did actually drive this car, we got it going for a while and drove it out in the desert. Getting an abandoned vehicle title is not too big a deal either, I've done it twice and it takes about a month. I also have a signed statement from the residence where I got the car from.
The engine:
It’s a 3.0 Mitsubishi 4-cam motor out of a ’91 Dodge Stealth and has about 80K miles on it. It puts out 222hp at 6000rpm and 201ft/lbs at 4500rpm. Good compression on all six, did a leak down test. The engine is missing some externals, the crank pulley, crank trigger, alternator, and main harness. It has all the manifolds, downpipes, and the injector harness—i.e. it’s about 90% ready to be used for an engine swap. Kennedy does make a kit for this engine as well.
Need to sell.
$100 for both, prefer not to split up, I'll throw in the car cover too.
Can e-mail pictures. jonlegrand at hotmail.com
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