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I'm probably going to hate myself for getting rid of my car, but I want to get something a little bit newer.


Asking $2700 or shoot me a trade offer

This is my daily driver it isn't perfect but it gets me where I need to go without a problem.

It has a 1.6D swap 5 speed manual, unknown mileage but it has never failed on me and always started up on the first try.
It has an extra fuel tank drum in the spare tire well that holds about 10 gallons. I get about 800 miles per full tanks around town.

I have a huge list of maintenance/repairs that I have done to this car and I'm probably forgetting some stuff

Here we go..

New headgasket and head bolts (12 point stretch type)
New timing belt & timing belt tensioner
New crankshaft oil seal
New brake master cylinder and rebuilt brake booster
New front wheel bearing
New rear wheel cylinders
New rear brake pads
New exhaust from midpipe back
New control arms and bushings
New heater core
New valve cover gasket
new inner & outer tie rod ends & ball joints
New Pioneer deck and 6.5 inch door speakers

Now the cons
oil leak coming from intermediate shaft pulley
Rear passenger window crank is missing
I cracked a little piece of the exhaust manifold when doing the headgasket so it makes a helicopter hovering sound when you give it more than a 1/4 throttle.
Came with dealer installed a/c but a few lines need to be hooked up and the evaporator was removed
Cracks on the dash

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