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81 Rabbit Caddy Pickup Truck. $750
It was a diesel. There is no engine in it now. But I may be able to get you the engine for a price. Sorry but this is the way i got this truck, the guy did not include the engine and I would have to talk to him to see if he would sell it with it.

Anyhow, this truck has minor rust on it, as yoiu can see. Underneath looks really good and solid. There is only the dents in the rocker panels as pictured. I tried to include pics of the worst looking areas. No rust under the wheel wells as you can see.
So the bad: Might want to paint it-but have extra doors and hood, windshield is cracked, needs some interior pieces, needs engine/trani, doors need to be fixed they dont shut very good. Something going on with the door hing area. Someone apparently made a mess of this car. I was going to fix it up, but am going to try and sell it.
The good: Good body, no rust to fight with as I could see. Simple diesel. Mostly straight panels. Could be good on fuel. Rare truck.
I tried to include as many pics as possible. Just seeing if anyones interested, if not I may just fix it up myself. thanks guys.

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