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Asking price $11,000.

Located in Seattle Washington.

This car is garaged all the time, kept under a thick custom car cover and driven once a year.

PLEASE... serious inquires only!

Here are the details:

• Original owner since 1983 (100,070 miles on her)
• Sunroof, wing side windows as an option
• 5-speed manual trans (10,000 miles on trans since 4.25 ring & pinion install)
• Limited slip differential with “Canadian” 4.25 ring & pinion
• 5th gear replaced to match new ring and pinion
• Quaife Limited Slip Differential
• REDLINE MTL trans fluid
• Techtonics short shift kit (shorter throws between gears)
• Techtonics 1960cc hand built by Collin Gyenes has Audi Connecting Rods (30k on engine)
• 10w40 AMSOIL Synthetic Oil/Filter changed every 5,000 miles
• Oil pan with windage tray/baffles
• Formula 1 Engine Oil cooler with thermo plate and braided hoses
• High volume oil pump
• European N-Grind cam
• Heavy duty tappets and springs
• Neuspeed large throttle body with welded manifold (not an adapter!)
• Techtonics Euro exhaust manifold
• Techtonics Downpipe (NO CAT!)
• Techtonics Euro Exhaust
• Borla Race Muffler
• H&H Racing front lower stress/sway bar
• GMP upper stress bar
• GMP rear stress bar
• H&H Racing rear hollow tubular bar
• Stock rear sway bar
• Neuspeed Koni AutoX Struts and Shocks (adjustable)
• Rabbit Hutch AutoX/Race Springs with LARGE spring perch
• 10" ’88 Scirocco front brakes and calipers with new pads
• 14" Centra Type 1 wheels (this is the first set brought over from Germany and painted black for me!)
• Light weight flywheel and stock clutch
• Linear Power AMP/Alpine deck and six speakers
• MOMO Cobra GTI steering wheel
• HELLA European glass headlights
• Original GTI Floor Mats
• European GOLF Ball Shift Knob
• European GTI distributor
• Jacobs Electronics Plug Wires
• Diesel Side Motor Mount
• Front Poly Motor Mount
• Poly front A-arm busings and rear trailing bushings
• Braided brake lines throughout
• New Front Grill and GTI Badge
• New plastic wheel well arches
• New Rubber Seals throughout
• New felt seal in Sunroof
• New door handles and amour guard door plates
• New tail lights
• New side view mirrors
• OEM GTI Mud flaps on front
• New Timing Belt and valves adjusted at 97k
• New spark plugs, distributor cap,rotor and points
• New Alternator
• New Battery
• New Fuel Filter
• New Clutch Cable
• New windshield washer reservoir and pump
• K&N Air Fliter
• CRIMESTOPPER Alarm system
• Ignition Kill Switch
• Groit's Garage products used throughout



$3,000 strip to bare metal resto in ’97. Clear coat added. All new fender molding and OEM panel striping. Rear hatch painted black vs a decal.

Dash is NOT cracked, faded or torn (car is stored in its own garage).

Extras to go with car...

Complete new OEM brake set for front. Original GTI steering wheel, OEM center console Clock, OEM Golf Ball shift knob, SACHS Sport clutch, OEM Springs.


I will not be selling any parts. Everything goes with this car!


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This car is priced very fairly in my opinion. Rarity, originality and condition gives value to a car. This one has the 3 of them. I almost purchased an outstanding and very rare 1979 Rabbit GTI 2 years ago for $20k canadian. The only reason why I did not buy it is because it sold before I could get my hands on it. Never under estimate the value of a clean and original car... GLWS

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Took her out for a nice ride today.

Several serious offers pending.

I'll miss her. She was my first new car!

I must say the paint job is awesome!

And the Techtonics Tuning 1960cc is a torque monster. Coupled with the 4.25 ring and pinion... the car is really quick!

I wish I could post a sound clip. The engine through the exhaust sounds fricking awesome!

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I have had several people PM me regarding my car. A few were really interested. I appreciate those that were honest and declined!

One was over the top interested that was on PM with me a lot. Made many requests of me and I fulfilled them... and then some.

R, please reply to my PM's and emails so I can give another person a chance.

1985 Audi UR quattro and 2012 A3 Stage II TDI Sportback
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What's with the 4.25 ratio "Canadian" ring and pinion? Do the Canucks know something we don't? What is the advantage of having it? Much nicer than that POS Saber Jet. GLWS.

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What's with the 4.25 ratio "Canadian" ring and pinion? Do the Canucks know something we don't? What is the advantage of having it? Much nicer than that POS Saber Jet. GLWS.
The 4.25 was very limited and mostly available on a car in Canada. I'm not giving away the whole enchilada!

Vs the OEM ring and pinion it makes for quicker acceleration out of the hole and out of corners.
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