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I purchased this in 2000 in WA, I (it) then moved to GA in 2002. It was sold to a friend and moved to NH in 2005. During this time it was torn down and body work begun. In 2007 he landed a great job in the PNW and he push the car into storage, where it sat till this past April where as everyone knows storage isn't cheap, so he told me if I wanted it, it was mine I just had to moved it back to DC and into my garage. A sudden career change and I just recently moved to NY and a garage no longer exist, I hate to part with it, but now it's time to see if someone else can put their vision into reality before mother nature get the best of a classic. I will help relocate if with in 50 miles of North Salem, NY for the right price. Best Cash Offer for a fellow Vortex member. Good VIN, although the vin plate was scrapped with the dash accidentally when moving locations back in 2007. It's Registered in NH still, meaning anything over 10 years old doesn't have a title, just Bill of Sale. I just dealt with this with my older pick-up when I moved to NY and had to register it (NH registration and it had never been titled in my name), it took an extra month to finally get a title from NY state but other than that there was no issues.

It's also posted on CL.


Thank you for checking it out.

Last two are the only pictures I have prior to tear down. Flexible to some point on price, but before anyone throws numbers out there, I think they need to see the condition of the body.

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