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Purchased car about 5 years ago with anticipation of making into an Autox car. Kids have kept me from realizing this dream but I have worked on it over the last year to make it a nice, solid daily driver. Car is in solid condition, no rust, recently passed state inspection and road worthy as a daily driver - 172k original miles - no leaks or smoke. Car has been in climate controlled storage for 99% of the last five years. EVERYTHING works on this car as expected as new. I really love driving this car but only have so many garage slots. I had a local tech school student paint to OE VW period blue but he didn’t do a great job. Looking to get $3,200 to cover costs of initial vehicle and parts to bring to current condition.

Recent maintenance/updates:
  • Value coil overs - approx $350
  • Upgraded seats and panels from later model GLI
  • Upgraded steering wheel from later model GTI
  • New dash and door speaker covers (no speakers)
  • New chrome strips for bumpers
  • New headlight switch
  • New Pioneer stereo and Infinity speakers (OE fit)
  • New rain gutter door seal rubber
  • New battery
  • Includes new LED instrument cluster and heater control lighting - not yet installed
  • Complete heating system update
    • New hoses
    • New heater core
    • flushed and filled entire system
    • Repaired/replaced all heater doors and gaskets
    • Replaced all sensors
    • Flushed/cleaned expansion tank
- Complete tune up
- Recent oil change and filter (20w50)
- plugs/wires/cap/rotor/air filter/fuel filter
- replaced all blown bulbs/fuses - even the glove box works!
- changed clutch gear oil
- New OE Bosch oxygen sensor
- Chevron Techron fuel additive
- Complete brake tune up
- brake fluid flush
- new wheel cylinders, pads, front rotors
- Items to complete to make proper:
- new rubber (just didn’t want to make the investment) and a decent paint job.
- some minor trim
- seats are a little wobbly but I have new inserts - just not installed
- dash is cracked towards window (see pics)

I hope someone can make good use of this vehicle. Let me know if interested or have any questions.


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Forgot to mention - AC does not currently work - original R12 system. Clutch is not seized so it’s possible AC could be brought back to life. Condenser looked good when I pulled the heater box out when updating blend doors and seals.

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Damn it man I JUST saw this today and would've been driving up immediately to pick it up. This thing is CLEAN and honestly 3200 is stupid cheap.
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