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Re: fs. 89 gti 16v indiana (jedduh_)

Hey there, i saw your gti on ebay while i was looking for a car a few days ago... a deer went kamikaze on st. patricks and totaled my car so i'm looking for a mk2 or mk1 gti that'll run as a daily driver with room to fix up. I had my heart set on a 85 gti but I think the guy sold it today I'm going to call him tomorrow to see if it's gone. If i don't get that it seems like your gti's in nice shape and one of the closest i've found. I'll get back to you tomorrow, would there be any way to just figure a price and not mess with ebay my girlfriend lives in indiana and i could probably talk her into driving me..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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