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FS: 91 Jetta GLi 16v, track prepped, clean, $3500

I bought this 1991 Jetta GLi from the first owner's family originally as a snow car in 2003 and then track prepped it the following summer. I now have a Mazda RX-8 for the summer and an Audi A4 for the winter, so the GLi's not getting the use it deserves. I've taken meticulous care of it from a mechanical perspective (as you would expect with a track car), but I've never bothered to address its many minor cosmetic issues, which are all shown and described in the photos.
The car has never been in an accident and has had only two adult owners over its 15-year, nearly 155k-mile lifespan.
I'd like to sell the car as a complete package to somebody looking for a quick, well-setup, inexpensive track car for DE events or autocross, and a comfortable and economical daily driver if you don't mind the stiff suspension and aggressive exhaust.
By 1st owner:
* Autothority chip
* Techtonics stainless exhaust, Borla muffler
* mid-90s vintage Alpine stereo w/ trunk mounted 6-disc changer
When track prepared in 2004:
* H&R Sport springs
* Bilstein Sport shocks/struts
* Autotech sway bars front/rear
* Autotech front upper strut tower bar
* Schroth Rallye 4 click in harnesses, red w/black cloth shoulder pads, driver and passenger. (Stock belts remain and are unaffected.)
* K&N air filter, removed airbox restricter horn
* Hawk HP+ brake pads

Street wheels:
* Original BBS basketweave rims w/Dunlop SP Sport 9000s, 2/3 tread life on 3 of them (RF tire replaced with new matching tire when curbed). RF wheel curbed significantly (see pic) but still straight and true.
Winter wheels:
* 14" steelies with Hankook snow tires. Turns and stops great in deep snow and on ice. Accelerating, not so much w/o a limited slip or AWD.

Recent maintenance:
< 500 miles (6 months)
New battery
New starter motor
Fuel filter, rear high-pressure fuel lines
< 5000 miles (2 years)
New radiator
New water pump
New windshield
All belts incl. timing belt
< 25,000 miles (3 years)
New distributor cap, plugs
Both rear brake calipers (new)
Both rear hubs, wheel bearings, rotors
Both emergency brake cables
Rebuilt shift linkage, custom weighted short-shift
* New autotech front lower stress bar -- never installed
* Spare brake pads, front and rear, HPS and Raybestos
* Probably even more junk I can dig up for you.
What doesn't work:
* A/C -- the refrigerant system has been open for years -- it's probably worth ripping out the compressor altogether if you're feeling ambitious, though it just freewheels on the belt for now and doesn't cause much harm if you don't mind the weight.
* Cruise control -- had a vacuum leak, and then the assembly tried to jam itself at part throttle while I was at the track so I disassembled it. Probably not too much work to get functional again.
* The radio antenna is either disconnected or rotted out -- radio reception is poor.
* Gas gauge will never drop below 1/8th tank... beware. I've run out of gas in this car more than once.
* That's it. Everything else works.
What looks ugly:
* the rear deck lid's paint has seen better days -- it's oxidizing and has a couple serious nicks in it.
* there are several scratches in the paint here and there, most are probably buffable. some are kinda deep.
* the back middle seat bottom has what appears to be a glue spot on it. it may come out if you find the right chemical, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope.
* the driver's door speaker grille (the one at foot level) is broken.
* the left front fender trim is half broken off to expose a dent. You can probably find the trim for $50 and that will completely cover the dent. That's apparently what happens when you drive through a snowdrift at a winter driving school at 35mph.

* That's it... the headliner doesn't even sag.
The car runs very cool for a 16v... oil temps rarely peak above 225 degrees even at a dead stop in the summer heat, and don't go north of 240 on track. Pics of the water temp gauge at 1/3rd show the car after idling for several minutes fully warmed up on a 60-degree day in NH.
I weighed the car at NHIS in 2005 and it came to 2570 lbs with a full tank of gas. They just don't make them like this anymore. The stock 11" brakes with properly broken-in HP+ pads will not fade no matter how long a session you're on track. In a tight corner like turn 3 at NHIS, the car'll lift its inside rear wheel right off the ground in the grand tradition of Mk2s.
It'll be sad to see this old girl go...
I'm asking $3500 for the car and all spare parts I have.
If you want, I've got a set of VictoRacer V700 track tires with 1 track day on them mounted on very rough looking but straight and true 14" teardrops that can be added for an additional $200.
Also I've got a set of Schroth Rallye4 click in harnesses. The click in kit is installed currently and the belts go in and out in 5 minutes. They will come with the car for an additional $250.
The car is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Thanks for looking!

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Re: FS: 91 Jetta GLi 16v, track prepped, clean (jmileham)

Edited to clarify the exhaust is a TT stainless w/borla can.

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Re: FS: 91 Jetta GLi 16v, track prepped, clean, $3500 (jmileham)

Price changed... make me an offer. I'm moving so the car will be sold within a month. It's really a well-maintained example of a dying breed.

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Re: FS: 91 Jetta GLi 16v, track prepped, clean, $3500 (jmileham)

looks really solid.. but it's a bit on the $$ side for me right now

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Re: FS: 91 Jetta GLi 16v, track prepped, clean, $3500 (jmileham)

The car is sold to monstersofthemidway, who was a great buyer -- sad to see it go, but it sounds like it's going to a good home where it'll get a euro grille and a new fender flare finally...
Thanks everybody for your interest!
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