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bought this car a while ago and have been driving it every day and love it to death, but i miss having a old vw to drive around and job changes no longer require any long distance driving at all.
92 audi 100 wagon
tan leather interior (black dash)
heated front seats
power mirrors
power windows
power tilt and slide sunroof
2.8l V6
180k-ish miles
digital climate control
3 way power front seats
3rd row seating
headlight washers
diff. lock
abs on/off switch
top end of engine redone about 4 years ago
new Passenger headgasket done about 5monthes ago
new passenger valve cover gasket " "
new timing belt and tensioner" "
new serp belt " "
new water pump and thermostat" "
recent coil packs, ignition wires, plugs, and fuel filter
new front brakes and slotted rotors in Dec.
4 new tires in Dec.
new wipers recently
all power options work!!!
car drives perfect on the highway and i would trust it to go anywhere!!
-Paint shows it age a bit. has a bunch of light scratches (most would buff out) and some small parking lot dents
absolutely NO RUST ISSUES whatsoever!!!!!!!
-A/C had a leak at the high side valve (was converted to the new style
A/C and only has one valve) had dye put in it and pinpointed it to the valve and i replaced it .. but i left the garage i worked at and no longer have access to free A/C gas... a simple recharge should do the trick.. A/C blew super cold when i originally charged it and put dye in.
-Car has a small rough idle.. i am 99% sure this is due to when i did the headgasket job my parts supplier forgot to send me 2 intake manifold gaskets and i had to reuse one and it has a small intake leak that you can just barely feel in the seat.. if the car wasnt so smooth and comfortable you would never notice it. when moving or driving you'll never notice it.. also is less bad once it warms up.
-alt. is noisy.. whines when driving.. previous owner said it was doing for a year or 2 of when he owned it and never had a problem.. i leave the radio on w/ the car off for hours and never have a problem starting it up... so the alt. is charging fine, just whines when idling....
- rear most muffler has the baffling broken inside so it makes the exhuast a little rattly/raspy.. not that it has a hole or anything .. just because it is such a quiet comfortable car you notice every little noise and rattle..
-windshield washer doesnt squirt good anymore think it just needs a hose or something simple.. minor i know.. but worth mentioning..
-headliner just starting drooping a few days ago.. would be a simple job if you wanna take the time to take the headliner out and spray some adhesive on it.. only sags in the rear fine up front.
title is clean and clear..im looking for $2500 obo.. bluebook is around 3400 if i fixed some of the small random crap.. but id like to just get rid of it and get something older and faster... again it drives and runs great just a little small work and a detail and it would be super nice!!! this car is the same body style as the A6 so save some money on this early A6.
Pics. up in the next day or so. located in Reading,Pa. if someone wants to come check it out.
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