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FS: 92 Jetta ECODiesel in CT $3k OBO

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Up for sale in CT 06488. Love this car but have too many cars and one has to go. As you can see by the spare parts included, I had plans to do a veggie conversion and power mods but life got in the way. Any questions, just ask.

Photos at www.photobucket.com/user/yankeejim/library/Jetta

Car is dirty in photos (sorry, those are muddy cat paw prints on hood/trunk), ask me for any additional photos you want to see. To discuss, call or text Jim at (two oh three) 843-sixtyfive twentyseven

1992 Jetta ECOdiesel (1 of 47, last mechanically-controlled IDI model in US)
1.6l turbodiesel
173k miles
Runs and drives great
Car has only been run on diesel
Consistent 40mpg in mixed driving (has stock AVX transmission which is geared quite low, makes car more fun to drive but will probably not get you 50mpg hwy)

Recaro seats
Power steering removed
Manual windows, locks, sunroof
GLI steering wheel
GLI grille (PO did this, not me)
Rear spoiler
Sunroof bubble
Chinese door handles
All-red taillights
Straight pipe instead of rear muffler (not loud due to turbo and catalytic converter)

Comes with many extras:
Bentley manual
Head bolt sockets
Timing tools (dial gauge, probe, cam lock, pump lock)
Injection pump gear removal tool
Exhaust clamp tool
Shifter bushing rebuild kit (not installed)
Shifter alignment tool
4 extra MANN oil filters/ gallon of Rotella T synthetic oil / couple bottles of Diesel Treat
Extra set of bumpers (lower half color matched to body, ok condition)
Extra set of good big bumper trim
Extra heater blower motor (current one is noisy sometimes)
Some extra coolant hoses and engine seals
Saab intercooler (not installed, would need custom fab)
Newer JVC stereo with ipod/mp3 input, speakers, amp, 10” free-air subwoofer in rear deck
Veggie conversion parts and plans (not installed) – Dana Linscott plans, parts, tank switch, 12 gal marine fuel tank with fuel gauge and heated fuel pickup, electric heated filter, vacuum gauge, fittings...
Duostyling voltage gauge (not installed)

Brief history of major service, newest to oldest:
172k - Oil change with Mobil 1 turbodiesel oil, Mann oil filter, air filter, Bosch fuel filter, alternator belt, A/C belt
167k - New tires and wheels, axles, lower ball joints, sway bar end links, alignment
161k - clutch cable
152k (Aug 2010) - rear drums turned (were out of round from factory), rear brake pads, heavy duty rear suspension springs, Bilstein touring rear shocks
151k - rebuilt injectors, Viton return lines, new head gasket, lower radiator hoses, new glow plugs with manual switching and individual wiring
130k - transmission fluid change with Redline MTL
121k - Radiator, thermostat, rad fan thermoswitch, timing belt, tensioner, water pump
119k - Heater core, front brake rotors and pads, rear brake drums/shoes/wheel cylinders/hardware, new 22mm master cylinder
118k (2004) - Front struts and bearing plates

Car has rebuilt title (I have no history on the accident but my guess is that it was a front-end accident where car hit low fixed object and needed new grille, radiator support/radiator, bumper. Oil pan is pretty dinged up but does not leak)
AC does not work, all parts are present but there is a hole somewhere in system.
Some rust on rocker panel where previous owner used screws to attach trim
Bra hides some damage to leading edge of hood and driver’s fender
Uses quart of oil in about 1.5k miles. Compression seems excellent (starts great in winter) so turbo is probably using some oil.
Uses small amount of coolant (maybe 8oz top-off when changing oil). No visible leaks, and no oil in coolant or coolant in oil.
Injection pump could use a reseal at some point – recommend Viton seals on this anyway if going to run veggie/biodiesel. Again, comes with injection pump gear removal tool, so owner can r/r pump for service.
Will be due for timing belt at 181k, but again comes with all timing tools so owner can r/r timing belt.
Needs new headliner
Shifter is a little sloppy (but comes with bushing rebuild kit)
Left rear door sticks (probably needs new striker post)
Clutch vibrates when cold (could probably use a new clutch, but current clutch does not slip)
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also comes with 4 mkIII steel wheels with good hubcaps, and worn-out snow tires
Still for sale as of the moment, all pm's replied to.

Also need to mention that the horn and the license plates lights do not work.

Sold, good luck to new owner :beer:
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