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FS: --Price Drop $4500 OBO 93 Corrado SLC Black on Black $4950

Sale Pending

Up for sale is my 93 SLC
Price is $4950 ($4,500 now), with delivery up to 4 hours (I'm in Clear Lake, IA) so Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Kansas City, Quad-Cities are within range.
I've had the car for 5 years and put 9K miles on it, I purchased the car from a Vortex member in Phoenix, and I'm now the 4th owner. Car was originally purchased on 1-10-1994 in Madison Wisconsin (have original window sticker, owners manual, and all his maintenance receipts. He moved to Phoenix in lat 97 or early 98, sold it to the second owner in 2000, car had 100K on it then. Third owner purchased it in Feb 2003 with 123k on it.
3rd owner had the following done to it:
*strut mounts/bearings
*ball joints
*tie rods - inner & outer
*steering rack with remanufactured unit
*A arm bushings - fwd and aft, aft with VW motorsport purchased from Virtual World before they went NLA
*Struts-Bilstein Sport
*Springs-H&R Sport
*Kuhmo Estaca 712 205/50/15 (15K miles on them now)
*Neuspeed stainless lines
*DE 11.3" calipers-new
*Brembo slotted front brake rotors
*ECS slotted rear rotors with new bearings
*Mintex red box pads all the way around
*Brake system flushed
*rebuilt head-replaced with obd2, secondary air plugged..head was bought on vortex with 50k on it. Head was sent to machine shop for cleanup, while there was resurfaced and had the valves lapped & checked with prussian blue for seal. New valve seals were installed. Valve stem to guide clearance checked and within factory tolerances. Extra dist.end cover was installed when head was resurfaced, used new exhaust studs.
*new lifters
*removed all traces of carbon buildin in the engine he could find.
*replaced all top-end gaskets
*replaced timing chains & tensioners
*measured oil-pump gear backlash--within spec of Bentley
*replaced all lower end gaskets/seals except front main (acc. pulley side) no leaks in it.
*replaced all cooling hoses except the the that supplies the heater core
*replaced radiator
*replaced all plastic coolant parts i.e. crack pipe, thermo housing, neck on the top of the radiator
*replaced coolant resevoir
*replaced water pump
*replaced serpentine belt
*new plugs (Bosch Plat+4)
*new plug wires (Blue Ignitors)
*new cap & rotor
*stripped and re-wrapped entire engine wiring harness with new friction tape
*Replaced A/C Compressor
*replaced clutch slave cylinder
*used all new hw when reinstalling clutch/flywheel
*replaced transmission mount with factory solid one
*made new front & rear ening mounts with 75 shoreA rubber from Mc Master-Carr
*replaced fuel injector wire guide - the brittle plastic one
*refilled transmission with Mobil 1
*installed PRM intake (cheap rice intake, but uses a K&N style filter and it's enclosed so you could turn into true CAI
*Momo wheel--no idea what model, was imported from Japan
*Redline shift boot-black with silver stitch, just like wheel
*Replaced pedal pads with stock unit
*Stereo--Alpine CDA-7892 (Currently not working...not sure why..)
*Alpine 6 disk changer in trunk
*MB Quart separates in front
*MB Quart in rear--stock location
*JL Audio 10" sub (needs new seal)
*Alpine Amp & Rockford Fosgate amps
*Windows tinted by original owner, not sure % tint, but illegal in Iowa
*A/C Recharged
*HVAC Control Head Replaced
*Car passed AZ emissions 9K ago..hydrocarbons .17, limit 1.00, oxides of nitrogen .55, limite 2.50
*Compression numbers were all 160-165psi
*Alternator & Clutch were replaced by 2nd owner at 105k Miles
Heres what I've done:
*Changed Oil & Filter (needs again soon)
*Fixed sunroof
The bad:
*Factory Alarm inoperable--it worked fine until I took the keyfob with me into a lake.
*Heater core is bypassed--New Heater core included with sale or use your dealer since it available under recall
*Headlight has bullseye chip
*Fogs & Turns are cracked
*various door dings and rock chips--all door dings are metal only, meaning PDR will fix most of them, not cracked paint. Rock chips are mostly on the hood and front bumper.
*one small scratch on driver side fender, but no rust
*Headliner not in the best of shape...and since I was planning on replacing it, I did not re-install the sunroof insert when I replced whe sunroof.
*As noted earlier, the Alpine head unit is not working, will continue to troubleshooot.
*ABS light is on--not sure why
*Retainer clip on radiator fan is broken, have temporarily resolved by using ny-ties (seems to be working fine)
*some minor pitting on the speedlines
*could use a deep clean with claybar and then full polish/wax, but paint is in great shape
*no cracks in leather, but could use a little conditioner
*exterior plastics are slightly faded, could use some Mothers Back to Black

In addition to the car, new owner will receive the following:
*Newly recondition e-codes with great glass and no broken tabs
*New Glass fog lenses, just need installed..hadn't done it yet since I hadn't bought new turn lenses yet.
*Original steering wheel
*new front bearings and grease
*new fuel filter
If I had to rate the car, it would be the following:
*Exterior--7/10 (rock chips, ZERO rust)
*Interior--8.5-9/10 (Leather is great, plastics are great, headliner so/so and the automatic seatbelt covers a little weary
On to the pictures

Engine Bay:

Air Intake:
" BORDER="0">
Front End & Rock Chips:
" BORDER="0">

Front End(you can see the rock chips end very quickly...):

Drivers Side:
Driver Side Fender:
Driver Side Door:
Driver Side Quarter Panel:

Driver Side Rear Angle:
Rear Side (and the bottom half of my dog

Rear Pass Angle:
Pass Quarter Panel:

Pass Door:

Pass Fender:

Pass Angle:
Driver Angle:

Spoiler (Working):
Sunroof (Working):

Driver Interior:

Pass Door Card:
Pass Interior:

Rear Interior:

Fog Lenses:

Steering Wheel:
Extra Seatbelt tracks:

Extra Sunroof Inserts (Including Glass out of passat):
Extra Sunroof Tracks:
Contact info:
aaron.donaldson at rsmi.com
Please, serious offers only. This car is worth what I'm asking, if you don't think so, that's fine, let me know in an IM, let's keep this thread clean.

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Re: FS: 93 Corrado SLC Black on Black $4950 (adonaldson)

ok..what gives....156 views and not a single nibble? do i need to extend my delivery range? Come on guys, great car, great price and you won't find a better mechanically C around....
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