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Ok so it has no title. I bought the car to fix it and now I can not get the title from the previous owner nor can I get in touch with him. I bought it for a $1000 plus a towing bill to my house.
The car is white and in decent shape inside and out. The interior is black leathers one rip on the driver seat but the rest of the seats are mint. they are heated. Car was not cleaned much but has a ton of potential for a donor.
the motor threw a rod but the block and everything is still good just the rod is bad.
it has near new tires on it on steelies 15"
Car is bone stock I was going to use it for a daily but have not done anythign with it since I can not get the title. I woudl part it out but dont want to take the time to do it.
I can part it out if i wanted and make more but I have no desire to strip it. Make me an offer I am asking a $1000 come get it
I have pictures but my host sucks and will nto allow me to upload
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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