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2021 gli
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For Sale - four 18x7.5 wheels off of my 2021 GLI.
Asking $300 for the set - I will NOT ship these wheels.
However, I am willing to deliver (or meet-up) within a day’s round trip drive of Seattle WA.

I would rate the wheel condition as:
1 - 7/10 (hit curb - still holds air perfectly, re-balanced with no issues, and easily repairable if desired)
1 - 9/10 (small visible scuff - may even buff out)
2 - 10/10 (near perfect for being on newer car)

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You can see the most significant ding at top of wheel in the picture above. The white specks visible on wheel pics are not paint chips; the wheels were just not cleaned very well.

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I think this would be a great set for someone looking for a set of black wheels, or a winter tire/track setup with OEM sizes.


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