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FS: AEB complete motor

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I have a full AEB 1.8t 20v swap for sale.the motor has around 15k miles since it was rebuilt not too long ago. Replaced parts at time of rebuild:

Mahle pistons
Mahle rods
OEM rod bolts
OEM main bols
OEM head bolts
OEM piston rings
OEM rod bearings
OEM main bearings
OEM thrust washer
OEM vavle springs and retainer
OEM lifters
timing belt service
water pump

Motor is turboless and exhaust manifold list..i had an upgraded turbo kit on it and am selling it seperatelywill incude all belts, water pump, alternator, PS steering, engine wiring harness, brand newignition coils, longitudinal intake manifold if you would like it, starter clutch and flywheel throttlebody, ignition control module. looking to get 1000obo
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts