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2000 AEG 8v 2.0L
Pistons & wristpins are from a low mileage engine with absolutely no ring groove and very very minute carbon scuffing. They have been cleaned and are ready for assembly. (Pictures of Front & Backs of pistons upon request)
Wristpins were marked per piston, and end for end, so they could be reassembled in the original configuration.
4 - Pistons - good condition - Std. Bore - 1 wristpin circlip in each piston has not been disturbed
4 - New Grant Chrome piston ring sets - Std. Bore
4 - Wristpins - stock - good condition
4 - New in the bag Genuine VW Wristpin Circlips
1 - New Flex-Hone 83mm or 3 1/4" - 400 grit - Matches the proper grit needed for these chrome rings.
1 - New Flex-Hone 3 1/2" Nylon Bore Cleaning Brush
Cheap Fix: Everything thats needed on the block side, for fixing the broken timing belt blues, or a re-ring job with low mileage pistons.
Email for additional pics. of front & backs of pistons. [email protected]
For more information call (660) 485-6118 shop (660)654-1988 cell
Asking $170.00 OBO
Greg Olson

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