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Gonna be listing air ride parts that I have for sale here. If you see a pic/description here, then I still have it. PM me or comment here if you are interested. I will be adding/taking away things from time to time, so check in every now and then ;) I only take paypal and I ship through usps unless you are local....in which case I am cool with local pickup.

IDF upper bag mounts $50 obo plus shipping (these are the upper brackets that come with the IDF LCA kit that can be found at bagriders.com. I am selling 2 new upper brackets and the 2 nutsert things with the little tool. No additional hardware is included. I believe these are used with ss5 bags and other similar models).

unnamed (24) by Cameron Williamson, on Flickr

MK5 rear lower control arms with nipples shaved down for air bag placement $70 obo plus shipping (some bags require that the nipple be cut away. Save your good LCAs and use these :) Could use new bushings. Minimal surface rust).

unnamed (26) by Cameron Williamson, on Flickr

Airlift rear bags with fittings $70 obo plus shipping (these are the bags that are no longer sold and were replaced with the firestone 9000 bags. They have plastic ptc 3/8 fittings on top. The bottom cup of one had a crack in it and was leaking air...fixed the crack with JB weld as a quick fix until new bags came in the mail. You are purchasing 1 good bag and 1 bad bag (the bad bag did hold air with the jb weld before replacing it...can't make any promises for you though). They have a good amount of miles on them and are pretty worn. I would use these as emergency bags in case one of yours pop).

unnamed (25) by Cameron Williamson, on Flickr
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