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FS and Free: A and B pillars and Headlights

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Hey everyone -
Since I recently upgraded to ecodes and tan euro belts
, I have a few parts to put up for sale.
The stock NA spec headlights are free to whoever wants to pay shipping. These are NOT for use on a car as lighting (the light output is worse than normal NA headlights due to chipped and pitted lenses). The only reason anyone may want these is for a project.
Also I have the A and B pillars in tan in almost perfect condition. These are up for $15 each or $40 for everything. I also have the passenger side seatbelt reel and buckle, along with all of the tracks and motors. Make me an offer on these.
The belts worked when I took them out but I cannot be sure if they still are in perfect working order (the driver side is almost certainly still working).
Let me know if any of you need anymore information. I can email pics but won't post them because everyone knows what they look like.
edit - If you buy all the pillars and trim I will throw in all of the seatbelt tracks, etc for $10 more as long as you pay shipping.
I am going to hold out for someone relatively local because I really really do not want to screw anyone over on shipping (this would be a big box).

Modified by EnIgMa '06 at 11:46 AM 11-24-2006
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Re: FS and Free: A and B pillars and Headlights (EnIgMa '06)

IM sent.
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