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All parts came from my 2016 MK7 Golf R.
My MK8 is finally here:)

CTS Street Sport Engine Mount,60 Durometer rubber Construction,Part#CTS-EM-MQB-60D-Brand New ,Bolts Included
$ 105.00 shipped CONUSA
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Road surface Asphalt Bumper

AUDI RS7 Oem Spark Plugs,one step colder,Part#NGK 06K905601-Brand New
$ 75.00 shipped CONUSA

Wood Font Gas Landscape Packaging and labeling

Exhaust Control Valve Actuators,Part#4H0133246J
$ 200.00 Shipped for both

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Asphalt

Stock Skid Plate

All parts located in lower Fairfield County.Local sale at discounted price.
PAYPAL or Cash in person.

All parts will be ready to ship next week.

PM me or email at [email protected]
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