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All of my BBS wheels are gone and now it's time to rid of the extras.

I've been here a long time, so expect this to be handled like a legitimate business transaction. I'm not here to d*ck anyone around; I'll ship the parts as quickly as possible and everything is in working order unless otherwise noted. All sales are final, parts as sold as-is, payment is only accepted via PayPal and items are only shipped to verified addresses. Weird forwarding services in New York and Florida don't count! I won't ask you to cover PayPal fees, or any of that nonsense either.

All prices include shipping to anywhere in the lower-48 States. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in shipping internationally, or outside of the continental US. This is non-negotiable, no matter how badly you may want these parts, so please do not ask.

Please PM me if you have specific question, or would like to make a purchase.

Thank you.

BBS 80mm RC Polish/Silver Logo Caps | SOLD
I picked these up not knowing the condition they were in.
Some tabs are missing, there's "worming" under the logo cap and the PO used glue to keep them in.
They're not great, but being this color cap is discontinued, they may be of value to someone.

BBS Retaining Rings (to hold on waffles/trim rings) | SOLD

BBS 80mm RC Carbon/Silver Logo Caps | SOLD
These were used for a couple of months and are still in excellent shape. All tabs in place, no blemishes to highlight.

BBS RC Hex Caps w/ 58mm threads & matching trim rings | SOLD
Condition varies with some bumps and bruises all around, but overall they're in not that bad of shape.
Similar to the hex caps, all of these have small cosmetic blemishes from use, but they'll clean up nicely.

BBS RC/Super RS Assembly Wrench | SOLD
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