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Hey guys I purchased this laptop about 2 months ago only to leave the school that required it. I have no need for a laptop because I can do all my work on my desktop now. I never did like to use laptops anyway, I'd rather be on my kickass computer anyway...

But anyway I'll post up pictures if there is any interest but here is a link to the laptop, it looks just like that because it pretty much always sat in one spot in my dorm and never really got used.
The only thing I took off the laptop was those stickers aside of the touch pad, those are very annoying.

Some Specs
P8400 2.26ghz Core 2 Duo
Centrino 2 Technology
250GB hdd
4 gigs of ram
14.1 inch screen
Vista Home Premium
DVD burner
E-sata, HDMI, VGA, 5 USB, 8-in-1 card reader
ATI Mobility HD3650 1GB graphics card
A/B/G/N integrated Wireless
Fingerprint Reader
Also when logging in you could use the webcam for face recognition
One button automatic restore

Asking $800 OBO + shipping OBO
It's practically a brand new laptop and really never used.
Any questions PM me or e-mail tylor36 (at) comcast net
****Also will trade for any beater SUV or Truck in PA****

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Forgot to mention, comes with the original carrying case for it and none of the accessories are open, the only thing I'll open is the cleaning cloth that came with it to get all the fingerprints off the top if you want.
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