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Best offer takes it. Be reasonable as shipping isn't cheap with these.
Pics: http://www.audizine.com/classi...at=75
Bought these ecodes on eBay from Germany, got damaged during shipment. The seller didn't want to pay for shipping back to Germany so now I'm stuck with a damaged set of headlights.
This is just for the housings, no bulbs or ballasts are included
So to whoever wants to attempt to fix these be my guest and make me an offer for them.
From what I can tell there's only 2 parts that are damaged, one on each headlight.
Left Headlight (most damage)
- One of the bolt tab that secures the headlight onto the car has completed broken off.
- The tab also seemed to have been crushed into multiple pieces
Right Headlight (very minor damage)
- A piece of the molding that is around where the ballast goes, chipped off. I think all you need to do is to epoxy or glue this back.
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