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I have for sale one 10 inch MTX 250watt power peak subwoofer in a R/T Mobile Sound System box.
The sub was only used for 3 months so basically I broke it in for you. The box is 18-20 inches wide and 12- 14 inch deep so this thing won't take up your entire trunk.
Also I have a 200 power peak watt Jensen amp. They work pretty well together.
I used "Phoenix Gold" (6 or 8 gauge) speaker wiring to make sure there is the least amount of electrical resistant and the best sound quality
This isn't a set up where you'll be hear a mile away but just something to equal out the sound in your car. I got all of this stuff new from Car Toys in Kirkland, WA
If you are new to the audio world this is a great setup to start with.
I live in Redmond, WA 98052. I would like to have just pickup but I'm will to ship it but from the weight shipping is going to cost a lot.
I'm asking for at least $50 for this entire setup (box, sub, & amp) or the best offer I get. The true value of this is most likely near $100. So I believe is a great deal for all of you.
I'll even quickly hook it up to my car to show you how it sounds if you want to hear it. Should sound great!
If interest e-mail me at [email protected]

Some pics...

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