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BBM G60 Digifant 1 16V Limited Chip
$75 obo

BBM Lysholm supercharger
-One from BBM's early kits
-Brand new oil feed line with upgraded filter
-BBM 53mm pulley 18+psi on 1.8, I hit 17 on 2L block
-Very clean, works 100%, had the 53mm pulley installed for about 50 miles, then removed
$1800 obo

BBM SC- 16v Throttle Body Adapter Elbow
-hole drilled on top for meth injector, I will take money off and leave it OR weld it shut, buyers decision.

BBM SC-16v Rear Alternator Brackets

BBM Billet Serpentine Belt Tensioner Brackets
-I added an extra bolt hole for mounting on a tall block
-Not perfect, scratches here and there and gnarled edges around pivot point on tensioner pendulum

Modified BBM intercooler tubes
-For use with scirocco intake mani + BBM TB adapter elbow
-Comes with all silicone sleeves

Scirocco intake manifold
-Puts the throttlebody on the drivers side

WILL NOT SHIP CHARGER, I do not deal with paypal due to being burned way too many times.
Located 10950 NY, message for more details.
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