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SOLD main kit

12k dampers and springs are still available if anyone reads this in the future.

Selling my BCBR kit.
Used under 7,000 miles.
12k setup used under 3,000 miles.
These will fit all MK2 TT models. FWD/AWD/RS

I originally bought a standard BCBR (7k front/6k rear) kit and drove on that.
Then decided up upgrade to 12k front and rear springs with extreme low properly valved shocks.

These ride excellent.

With all these shocks you have the ability to run a huge range of spring rates without revalving.
Fronts you could use between 5k and 14k. (5k-9k on standard shock/10k-14k on extreme low shock)
Rears would be 4k to 14k. (4k-8k standard/10k-14k extreme low) If you wanted to use a 9k rear for some reason I would recommend using the extreme low shock.

12k springs and shocks were ordered directly from BC NA and took a month to get.
Original coilovers were purchased for Urotuning.

034 frame supports are NOT included.
See other post if interested in those.

I will separate the two setups if someone is looking to upgrade their current set.
Located in Maryland.


I can help/recommend excellent alignment settings with this setup. I spent a LOT of time dialing in different toe settings.
8J chassis is toe sensitive.

7k+6k springs and dampers -


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If anyone can recommend another place to post these for sale let me know.
I knew the mk2 market was dead but I'm not moving much of anything here.
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