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FS: Golf GTI Tails, Ocean Tails! Lower Price!

These lights are made by an OE parts manufacturer. They are an OE parts supplier to Toyota, and Fiat, as well as supply parts to Valeo, Siemens, Samsung, and others. The company is also ISO 16949 certified.

High quality replica Golf E-Code headlights with fogs. These are brand new with very comparable quality to the originals. They are E-Code marked and certified.

Comes with glass lenses, uses Euro-spec lighting, eg. H7 bulbs, city lights, PY21W turn signal bulbs and h3 foglight bulbs. Complete with turn signal bulb holders, and all necessary wiring. German made Philips 55w H7 low beam bulbs are included.

This is a direct plug and play, remove your old headlights, and plug these in. Additional wiring for the fogs is necessary if you do not already have them, plus a euroswitch.

Some vendors were selling similar lights without the turn signal bulb holders which makes the lights useless as you can not fit the North American bulb holder into the same location.


Golf E-Code Headlights with Fogs: $200 + 50 for Shipping
OEM Style GTI Tailights Pair: $80 US + $30 for Shipping
OEM Style “Ocean” Taillights Pair: $80 US + $30 for Shipping

Golf Headlights with Fogs

Golf E-Code Headlight with Fogs

Golf Tailights

GTI Ocean
GTI Red Black Red Red

Paypal, bank transfer, money orders are accepted.

Will replace or refund if there are any manufacturing defects discovered upon installation. Not responsible for improper installation, or physical damage caused by the buyer.


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Just ordered mine... I'm excited to see how they look!:thumbup: I hope they dont take forever to ship to PA
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