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FS: Black 2000 S4 **AWE Stage 3 : K04s : 460+ HP** AWE IC's, H&R Coilovers & more!

I'm selling a black on black 2000 AWE Stage 3 Audi S4 with 99,800 miles on it. Priced at $18,900 for a quick sale! It has all options except navigation. Located in NY about an hour north of NYC.
The car is extremely clean inside and out. It's never been wrecked and has a clean title. It comes with all receipts and maintenance/service records. The timing belt/water pump was done at 75K miles.
Now for the good stuff... It has the following mods:
1. AWE Stage 3 RSK04 Turbo Upgrade Kit (makes 460+ HP on pump gas using GIAC Programming) professionally installed / tuned.
2. AWE Intercoolers
3. Bilstein / H&R coilover suspension (lowers the car, but retains comfortable driving on the street)
4. "Piggie Pipe" Downpipes
5. Borla Cat Back Exhaust
6. RS4 Clutch Kit
7. Bosch 710N Diverter Valves
8. Toy Guy Short Throw Shifter
9. AWE lighted shift knob
10. AWE Center Vent Boost Gauge
All of these mods come out to over $11,000 total, not including labor!
Known issue with the car:
This S4 has the annoying and well known "missing pixels" on the dash LCD display.

If interested, feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 914-873-4259. You can also send me a PM or hit me up on AOL IM (my SN is in my profile). Thanks!

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Re: (A216VCTi)

The AWE stage 3 turbo kit and intercoolers were installed in August of 2005. I will have to check the receipts and service records for the exact mileage, but it's definitely under 20k miles.
Status in Manchester, NH did the installation.
The car has the stock manifolds.
There is minimal wear on the seats. They are in great condition but the passenger seat has a small scratch in the leather.
The timing belt/water pump were both done at 75K miles. I have the receipt for this.
Anymore questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Re: (gallagher86)

It has full H&R coilovers. Status of Manchester, NH did the installation.
I'm not exactly sure what kind of spoiler that is to be honest with you. It has been on the car for a long time.
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