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FS: Black 95 Mk3 GTI VR-6 $4k Michigan//reduced $3500.

I found something I wanna buy (so some stuff has to go.)
It runs, drives, shifts, stops, etc great.
(sorry, didn't have time to bath n vac it before pics. It's been parked for about 2 months)

165,xxx miles (Pete had it opened and everything looked good at the time so the chains are orig.)
Partially shaved bay.
Reinforced shock towers.
lower temp thermostat
Hogged out 2.9 clone intake
262 cam
Delrin solid motor mounts
Cat removed, 2 1/2 out
Battery relocated w/ race style points under the hood.

Audi TT Brakes front n rear.
Rears have a stripped caliper bolt/disconnected and line blocked off.
Fk Coils
Welded A Arms
Boxed Rear Beam
Mk4 floating rear hubs grafted on
EuroSport lower tie bar

A.E. Steering Wheel, shift knob, e-brake
party seats partially dyed black
stock radio delete plate
needs headliner redone/saggin
fire ext.
new windshield
Jetta front
Vento Grill
toe hook
FK Race Look Power Mirrors
3 fenders are pulled
DS fender is sprayed black (replaced for a cleaner piece,)
Have a sprayed black hatch (to go along with the white on on the car.)
Tinted windows
Roof Rack n 555
Wheels & tires
Polished Eagle Alloys 6pt baby ballers
60k Yoks
The bad, it's getting a PS 1/2 shaft this week.
the DS window didn't wanna go up n down during the winter so we stopped
using the window.
I know I'm forgetting stuff, I'll add more to the ad as I think of it.
Located in Midland, Mi
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Re: FS: Black 95 Mk3 GTI VR-6 $4k Michigan//reduced $3800 (vw4lifemi)

bump, good luck man. By any chance are u looking to sell that roof rack? Lemme know dude. thanks

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Lets Go, I know someone wants a car that's already had a ton of $ poured into it. I wouldn't be sellin it but I have another Item that I HAVE TO MOVE ON (besides, I'll still have my BBM Rado..............till I list it fs

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The guy I bought it from did the pans, etc. I can't stress enough how great the floors n rockers, etc look in this car.
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