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A bunch of leftovers for sale from my recently parted out scirocco 16V:
Fits all 82-89 rocco:
1 passenger side fender, very good condition, no rust: $75
1 driver fender, very good condition, no rust:$75
1 driver fender, good condition, some rust near bottom: $40
1 passenger door, mint no rust: $80
1 hatch, very good, 1 rust spot: $40
1 24mm Scirocco 16V rear swaybar $40
1 set of neuspeed sport springs/boge turbo gas shocks: $250
1 fusebox with relays and fuses: $40
various 260K/8000rpm clusters with bad odometers: $25 each
Fender lights with OEM wiring harness: $40
1 Set of Scirocco GTX badges: $60
1 AGB 16V transmission mint, no grinds 180K: $225 firm
1 set of 16V 100mm front hubs: $80
1 set of 16V 100mm axles: $80
1 16V 22mm master cyl. $50
1 complete mk1 power steering setup: $160
various mk1 power steering parts (lines, pumps, reservoirs): $20-$40
1 set of rocco 16V seats, mint no rips front and rear: $275 or $250 for just the fronts
Seats will fit any Mk1 or Mk2 car and seats are 1" lower than stock mk1/mk2 seats
1 set of front leather 16V seats, driver bolster has usual wear/hole, some cracking on the pass. bolster, all bottom bolsters and cushions are in good shape on both seats. $80
1 set of rear rocco 16V seats: $40
Scirocco 16V lower airbox $30
Scirocco 16V swiss-cheesed lower airbox $15
1 rocco grill, 1 set of 16V badges: $5-$20
1 2L 16V shortblock: $100
1 rocco power window setup: $150 everything needed for install, everything works
rocco a/c parts: $5-$50
rocco a/c heater box with working blower motor, good heater core and good evaporator: $100

1 rocco windshield weatherstrip vgc: $50
1 rocco driver's door weatherstrip vgc: $40
1 rocco passenger door weatherstrip vgc: $40
1 rocco hatch weatherstrip vgc: $40
1 complete rocco 16V wiring harness and fusebox complete from bumper to bumper, meant for a/c car no hacked wiring: $100
1 16V driver's door card: $40
1 16V passenger door card: $40
minor interior pieces like steering column covers, sun visors, rear seat side panels, lower dash trays etc. $5-$20
1 complete 16V cis-e engine harness with ecu and knockbox: $125
1 red 16V bodykit: $200
various bodykit pieces: $40 each or buy a few and get a package deal
Mk1 16V intake boot $50
+ more parts I can't remember that i have
Just ask!
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Re: (mk2_dub)

Quote, originally posted by mk2_dub »
Got a hood and headlights? Also do you have the window seals for the driver and passenger doors?

No hoods, try NAPA they carry Cross Canada body parts and there is a scirocco hood available from them.
I have the passenger side window seal, maybe the driver's side. I have the headlights too. im me for details, you'll need to specify the specific window seals you're looking for. there's a few of them in the door.

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