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what we have here is essentially a barn find that I have gone through and fixed what needed fixing as it is very rare to find them in this condition.

1991 Galant VR4
92k miles
3 owners including me....1st 2 were brothers who are now in their late 40's
1519/2000 (NOT a forum car, you will not find it anywhere on the net)
100% stock...still has OEM radio and floor mats
Sunroof car

AC - works
Auto seat belts - work
Power antenna - works
All the windows, sunroof, mirrors ect work

Both front calipers
Water pump
Front axles

Timing belt (tensioner, ect), balance shaft belt, and head gasket were all done at 78k at the dealership..have receipt

Steering rack had a leak on the crossover hard line so I replaced it with a used 1g GSX 2ws rack...so no more 4ws

Car has clear-coat fade, I didn't have the car resprayed because I want people to see it in its original form...very clean w/no bondo

NO RUST on the edge of the hood, rockers, edge of the windshield, and 3 out of 4 bottoms of the doors. Drivers door has 5" strip of surface rust on the very edge and there's a quarter sized spot on the drivers rear wheel well that looks like its from a paint chip...NO ROT

I did my best to point out any dings on the car (of which they are few)

LIGHT wear spot on drivers bolster, no tears or ripped seams on ANY of the other seats including the rear

$4500 clean Massachusetts title in hand with my name on it..no BS here

Anyone who wants to come check it out is more than welcome


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yes I do and thanks, the Galant was one of 4 I've owned (still have 1 left)

the Pulsar was the car I wanted most and I finally got one...bought it over an R32 GTR Skyline that was available at the same time for a few grand more
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