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Recently resprayed 2000 12v VR6 GTI

Interior pics:

- jetta vents
- 20th wheel
- 4motion cupholder center console
- 20th mats (I have monsters as well)
- lupo shifter
- 20th aluminum
- 20th pedals
- armrest has been removed but is still available

- full respray in audi dolphin grey including sills and trunk liner. Roof in uni-black. Engine bay in uni-black
- 130k miles (never romped on as this was just my commuter car. If you know me, I tend to have a light foot anyways)
- jetta front end swap with one-of GLI lip molded to look like a 20th lip
- shaved side strips
- shaved hatch
- shaved hood with badgeless grille
- euro rear bumper with 20th rear lip
- magnaflow exhaust with 20th tip
- ecodes included in swap but also retrofits too (see other options below)
- fully adjustable bilstein PSS9's
- full options i.e. leather, full MFA functions, cruise blah blah blah
- full black 20th anniversary interior swap including aluminum trim
- jetta vents
- A8 monoblocks with the trade or you can keep your wheels and use them on my adaptors
- full set of 16" winter wheels
- euro R32 tails
- extra siedl grill (really rare in the states)
Unfinished projects:
- touraeg retrofit. Handmade. Just need to be wired up:

- one-of 12v shaved manifold. Just needs paint. Too busy to finish it haha


Modified by Joey Russo at 6:51 AM 11-3-2008

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Re: FS: Dara *sigh (ECR32)

oh yeah and her blog is here: http://www.kratemotors.com/dara
My wife is going to kill me.
This was my first new car.
I bought it without even test driving it. Just walked into the dealer, asked for a black VR and signed the papers. It was delivered on a flatbed from Pennsylvania with 8 miles on the clock.
I met my wife with this car almost 8 years ago.
I broke up with my ex-gf of 8 years in this car.
I installed my first exhaust system in this car (I have a fear of getting under cars so thats a big deal for me.)
This MK4 was the first spray bombed interior: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1312975
This car was also the first MK4 to get a 337 bodykit and 20th interior swap on the tex.
I drove this car home with my wife after we got married.
This car died on 95 and gave my wife and I one of the best adventures to date: http://www.jkrew.com/2007/11/weekend-wrap-up.html

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Re: FS: Dara *sigh (ArmyGreenGLI)

aww, thanks guys.
For those who have asked, the retrofits can be had for 800 bucks. They come with ballasts and two sets of bulbs.
I know it's somewhat pricey but they are handmade, have almost 30 hours of sanding and fab in them and will look AWESOME when finished.
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