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Had this on my wife's 2017 A3 2.0T quattro, but we recently turned it on in lease so I'm looking to sell it. Adds a nice bit of extra power (according to Dinan it's about 20 hp and 30 lbs/ft torque) to the car and has several different settings that you can switch via a Bluetooth connected app on your phone: sport, sport +, and race. It's also pretty easy to install as it plugs into two different sensors on the engine. Selling for $165 plus shipping.

PM if you are interested.

Fits the following cars:

2015-2017 Audi A3, 2015-2017 Audi A5, 2015-2017 Audi A6, 2015-2017 Audi AllRoad, 2015-2017 Audi Q3, 2015-2017 Audi Q5, 2015-2017 Audi S3, 2015-2017 Audi TT, 2016-2017 Audi TTS, 2015-2017 VW Beetle, 2015-2017 VW CC, 2015-2017 VW Eos, 2015-2017 VW Golf, 2015-2017 VW Golf R, 2015-2017 VW GTI, 2015-2017 VW Jetta, 2015-2017 VW Passat, 2015-2017 VW Tiguan


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