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For sale-
Stage III Eurospec Head. Custom casting, fully ported. Tapered short valve guides, 42mm intake, 35mm exhaust valves. Valves are stainless steel, and are necked down after the guide.
The head uses 37mm shim under bucket lifters. It has oversized high rev valve springs. The springs require Crane spring seats, that I cut and installed when I set the head up. Titanium retainers and single groove keepers.
I purchased the head brand new in the box, and set it up to run on my drag car. It made a tad over 150whp and has run a 12.88 on an all motor 2.0 8v on carburetors.
This head is the pinnacle of 8v performance. Required to make the most out of your setup. You can run the largest cams imaginable with the valvetrain in it. I have run a .560" lift, 340 degree cam!!!
The head is less than a year old, and still looks brand new. It cost $3500 new, so PM me an offer I can't refuse. I'm willing to take a big loss on this, as I'm selling it to help pay for a 1.8t swap. No low balling though please, I don't need to give it away
I will include a TT cam gear for free. The head does not include a camshaft. I will also include my stock of lash caps.

The A/F ratio is not correct, bad sniffer during the run

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