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Looking to get back into a FWD/AWD car. My wife is the best, but not the best at flicking the car around snow and ice covered roads in the winter even with an LSD'ed BMW. Thus, we are looking for an outright sale or a trade plus cash from me for a number of manual shift cars: Mk4 Jetta 1.8, B5/6 A4, SVT focus 4dr, mazdaspeed?, xi BMW's, something Japanese and interesting. Not silver, not gold, not brown.

Items addressed on the car in the nearly year of ownership, last 6k miles:
- New plugs, matching coil packs.
- Valve cover gasket set.
- New front control arms HD, M3 sway bar/bushings from clovold, tie rods, sway bar links. Front is obviously solid...
- New Bilstein Sports with BavAuto springs, front and rear.
- New rear sway bar with new hardware and bushings, sway bar links, tower reinforcement things, RTABs.
- Alignment.
- Opened up the air box, installed a K&N filter. Cleaned MAF many times for kicks and giggles.
- Have only run non-oxy 91.
- Ebay chip, runs smooth and strong.
- Dinan cat back, sounds very nice.
- 2 oil changes so far with Mobil 0w-40. PO, who had the car for 10 years was wealthier, ran fancy LiquiMoly? from BavAuto.
- Redline Syn in the LSD differential and 5spd manual.
- Shift knob from a Cooper S. Heavier and much, much shorter.
- Removed leaking, non-functioning moon roof and installed a fiberglass panel.
- New Radiator, silicone hoses, metal impeller water pump, BMW blue coolant.
- Pink and yellow DSII's, could go in the not so good area I guess...
- Tires on bottle caps were new when we bought the car.
- Cross drilled rotors with pads less than 10k old.
- Clutch was replaced right before we bought it along with guibo and center support bearing.
- Comes with OEM exhaust that was put on right before we bought the car.
- Replaced tensioner and idler pulleys and the belt. How is tensioner on the spell check?
- Added armrest.
- Nice OBC with many a button. Outside temp works now.
- Headliner was redone right before we bought it.
- Heat is nice and warm, new cabin filter.

Not addressed, ie 'Not so good things about this car':
- Moon roof is out and not going back in. Car is lighter though:)
- Non-functioning AC and associated stuff was taken out. Again, lighter...
- Leaking windscreen res and associated hardware was removed. Parts were missing and I forgot clovold has everything...
- Interior has some rattles, exterior has some rust here and there.
- Heated seats are there with working switches, just do not heat.
- Front drivers seat is a bit torn.
- Replaced non-functioning fog lamps with atmosphere.
- Is a car of many colors.
- Was resprayed in its life.

If this does not sell or we change our mind, which is totally possible, I am planning on taking it to Montana/Wyoming on my yearly pilgrimage to my camp. definitely trust it enough to do so. Just finished a 650 mile trip and the car returned 27.9 miles to the gallon. Car isn't perfect and I know it, but then again, who or what is? I will add and subtract items to the lists as they pop into my kiddified slushbox of a brain. Don't hesitate to ask questions and lets keep this civil. Nate.

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