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Purchased July of last year, has been my daily driver since. Completely rust free. Testing the waters as I'm wanting something a little more adult. Would be interested in an A4 B5/Allroad/etc. Offers are always welcome. $4000 OBO. PRICE DROP $3500

See "build" thread http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5790954-New-to-VW-My-98-GTI-VR6-Silver-Arrow

VR6 with approx 170k. Current shows 226k on the cluster due to the previous one failing. Maintenance records will reflect mileage. Includes spare VR6 long block with recent timing chains/guides replaced as well as new oil pump and pan.

Everything electronically works:
AC blows cold
Heat blows hot
Working keyless entry with a keyfob.
All windows roll up and down properly.
Truck release works as intended.

Have a comprehensive binder with maintenance receipts dating back to 2004.

Used only premium fuel and Catrol GTX 5w30 every 3-4k with an OE quality filter.

No oil leaks. No coolant leaks. No leaky anything. :beer:

Recent maintenance within the last year includes:
New aluminum shift bushings by wolfyy98
New heater core.
New water pump.
New thermostat/housing/water pipe.
New backup light switch.
New Coolant Temp Sensor.
New oil cooler seals.
New front brakes/rotors.
New tie rods.
New parking brake cables.
New oil pan.
New transmission mount.
New control arms with OEM bushings
New ball joints
New sway bar end links/bushings
Replaced secondary air injection system.
Brand new tires from Discount Tire with additional replacement warranty on all four mounted on GLX BBS wheels with BBS caps.
Brand new (2 weeks old) custom catback exhaust with receipt.

What it needs mechanically.

Needs new drivers side axel boot. (Includes pair of replacement axels. Just need grease.)
Current lowered on stock struts/Neuspeed springs. (Includes Bilstein Sport Shocks w/ another set of front and rear H&R springs)
Airbag light is on but have not investigated. Will update with more information.
Parking brake light stays on sometimes despite new cables. Will investigate further. (Update: After further investigation it looks like the drivers side rear caliper does not fully disengage the parking brake causing it to drag slightly. Need to fix this)

What is needs cosmetically.

Paint is well taken care of. Clay bar and waxed a few weeks ago and I've done it three times since I've own the car from last July. Has minor door dings on both sides of the car. The front bumper has a ton of rock chips as well as the bottom part of the grill and some parts of the hood. Drivers side fender has some dents and chips as well. Someone tried to break into the passenger side door and damaged it a bit but it functions just fine.

What it includes.

Genuine Hella clear tails
Genunie Hella dual rounds. (current in paint to match)
Ecode brackets and wiring harness.
Powder Coated Copper Metallic Intake Manifold
Spare valve cover.

Some pictures. Will update with more detailed pictures.

MK3 GTI by MP.Hill, on Flickr

20130712_154003 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

20130604_124916 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

20130618_152542 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Service History

20130618_152550 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Sample Page

20130618_151007 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Passenger Side Door Handle Damage

20130618_150958 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Drivers Side Rear Bumper Damage

20130618_150952 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Drivers Side Rear Quarter Panel Scratch

20130618_150943 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Drivers Side Front Fender Damage

20130618_150935 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Front Bumper/Lower Grill Rock Chip Damage

20130618_150930 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

"Frenched" Fogs/Lower Bumper Damage

20130618_150926 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Front View

20130618_150918 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Passenger Side View

20130618_150904 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Rear View

20130618_150856 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Drivers Side View

20130618_150833 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Alpine Head Unit/Custom Aux Integration

20130618_150827 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

227k on the clock with replacement. Actual 170k.

20130618_150822 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Monster Mats front set only

20130618_150817 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Interior View Drivers Side

20130618_150806 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Rear Passenger View

20130618_150758 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Interior View Passenger Side

20130618_150659 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Original Documentation and Paperwork

20130618_150613 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

Original Dealer Folder

20130723_112807 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

20130723_112801 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

20130723_112755 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

20130723_112816 by MP.Hill, on Flickr

20130723_123423 by MP.Hill, on Flickr
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