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Short Story

Time to move on from my current daily driver to a larger, quieter, more boring four door car with an auto trans to fit my family's needs. No fun, but that's life! Let my loss is your gain. :cool:


I bought the car almost a year ago to get back into something "fun" that got "good mileage" and I made a decent purchase. I have had to do some minor repairs and did a few strategic upgrades along the way to make the car a bit more "adult" then how it was. The transformation to a respectable automobile isn't complete and is detailed below in my nag list.

I have documented fuel consumption over the last 9 months with a grand average of 28.0mpg over 22 tanks. Main use is commuting on rural highways (incl stop signs and lights). Best tank 30.2mpg, worst 25.5mpg. There is a slight tweak to the Uni file that got me about a 2mpg bump. Less stopping with a good highway speed is 32+ in this car easily.

Anyway, onto the details:

2003 GTI 1.8t 5sp
106,xxx miles and rising ~40mi/day


Unitronics Stg2 with custom tweaks for mpg
Autospeed 3" downpipe and high flow cat
42 Draft Design 3" catback with turndown tip
K&N Filter
Forge DV
Ebay all aluminum SMIC
nstevic ultimate BS delete kit
Jegs VTA catch can
Autotech(?) shifter bushings
VDO boost gauge in column pod
Yellow H3 high beams
ECS Stg2 Clutch (G60fw/VR6 disc)
BBS R? 17x7" with 20mm 5x112 adapters
Toyo Proxes 4 225/45/17 with ~7k
Raceland front coils (not mounted: Raceland rears as well w/o adjusters)
Koni rear coils
No front sway
Thule Roof Rack
Non cutout rear valence
Deleted rear wiper
Aftermarket headunit with ipod and bluetooth
Hardwood rear floor in hatch (dont ask)

Maintenance (needs exacts)
Timing belt (PO)
Waterpump (PO)
Tires (@99k)
Oil cooler & seals (@99k)
Oil pan ([email protected])
Coolant bottle and lower hose (@99k)
Y pipe to bottle and turbo (@99k)
Side coolant housing (@99k)
Coolant temp sensor (@99k)
Coolant flush and refill (@99k)
Mobil1 every 5k

My Rankings

Exterior 8/10 (dings/dents/paint cond)
Interior 8/10 (slight rip on drivers seat, d/s floor mat ripped, shift knob broken, broken glove box door)
Mechanical 9/10 (it can't be 10 and this old ;) )
Fun 9/10 (it could use 200 more hp)

Nag List
Broken glovebox
D/S Front ABS wiring needs repair
CEL on for missing secondary air components
D/S seatbelt wiring fault causing airbag light
No spare/tools/hatch carpet
Minor, age appropriate dings/dents
Some non matching paint on pass rear 1/4 panel from scratch repair

Price is $7200obo and I am flexible a bit on the price until I start fixing some things on my nag list. As I spend money/time going through all that, I will be less flexible. So lowball me soon, I guess. For PA residents I will have PA inspection taken care of before sale. FS in AS-IS condition with no warranty expressed or implied, and condition is stated as best to the owners knowledge.

Trades for larger, four door, auto transmission vehicles of the same average age/condition, plus cash on either end OK for right car, B5.5 Passats and Mk4 Jettas of most interest.

Pictures more to follow once I've detailed it

(I reserve the right to update the details as I go, as I see fit)
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