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im selling my 1996 audi a4 quattro. its a v6 2.8 quattro, auto.
car runs good, needs minor things done to it. but im looking to buy a jeep. so any jeep trades are accepted.
--105,000 miles (always rising due to dd)
--sunroof works without any issues

replaced in the past 15000
--rebuilt head with new stock cams, lifters and seals
--just replaced passenger side rear wheel bearing
--new pads and rotors all the way around (still squeek a little from brake dust, very common)
--p/s rack and all lines
--right front axle
--outer tie rod ends
--water pump and timing done at 92541 miles
-- have all reciepts
--as said above brakes squeek (but are brand new)
--temperature gauge does not work
--climatronc works great but pixels flicker once in a while
--a/c need recharge
--d/s door lock cylinder is broken
--and cel light is on ( meineke welded my exhaust and didnt disconnect the battery when they did it. so it fried all 4 o2 sensors. thats why the light is on. i have all 4 that were cut out of another a4 but havent wired them in)
--seat has slight tear on d/s
p/s window doesnt go down (regulator)
this is a great car but i need to buy sonething suv'ish or a jeep. so all trades will be considered as well.
pics are not current. stock a4 wheels are on the car with good tires. can get current pics as soon as my camera turns new again

but the car looks exactly the same
asking 5500.00 obo

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