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Great winter wheels... I just don't drive my GTI in the snow anymore. They balance pretty much perfect... you may feel a shimmy at 62mph and it goes away by 63. Solid wheels. No centercaps.

Painted Apricot. Pretty beat up generally speaking but they looked good for winter wheels. Your mk2 is probably worse than these wheels, lets just say that.

Tires have a few seasons left I'd say as you can tell from the photos. From sitting around 1 tire has lost air, another is low, two are perfect. When I drove on them I'd have to put air in one of the tires once every 3 weeks or so... it does have a slow leak somewhere.

Tires were made in 2005 but have no dry rot or cracking happening on them yet.

Abe's head is in the lowest portion of tread on each tire. The centers wore faster than the outer portions of the tread.

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