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EDIT K all, being the time of year it is, my holiday spirit comes out so here goes. I don't need money but I also don't need the parts. If your looking for an ultra cheap deal ... shop elsewhere. Research what these parts cost before you even think about making an offer. I am not bug lots, kmart, walmart, or some flea market ... so keep your low ball offer to yourself or for someone else. I don't need your comments either if you don't like my price move on ... I am tired of having my time wasted (people who waste my time around here pay for it at $75/hr). Hate to sound like a tool but the masses of cheap or broke folks have brought me to this level of frustration.
Note about shipping ... all prices do NOT include shipping. However I will be more than happy to use the least expensive method and the price I pay is what you pay.
Sorry to ramble but I am certain that there are many on here that understand and agree.

RSR outlet kit COMPLETE VERY slightly ued- $80 SOLD

ISV Reroute Kit Used - $30 SOLD
ECU w/ SNS stage 5 chip - $100
20mm Cog belt conversion NEW (no pulley)- $100

KK Stage 4 Glader NO, ZERO, NADA miles - $1250

Built Head port and polish, 3 angle valve job, 260 cam, and cam gear - $400
I will except trades for 16v aba turbo goodies and euro mk2 JETTA small bumpers. Also looking for mk2 Golf or gti 88+ complete shell ... do not need a motor or tranny just the body and soem of the interior (do not need seats).

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Re: FS - G60 performance goodies (90nuggetg)

Man, I tell you what, what deal can I get for the blower?
I can not belive your basically giving this stuff away with those prices.
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