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I plan to be trading my car in within the next few weeks so I am bringing it back to stock.

Here is the catch: I don't have the space/time to put my stock suspension on right now especially with this cold weather. If someone has a lift or garage and wants to take my coils off, put my stock suspension back on and give me some cash on top then the coils can be yours for a good deal. The coils have approximately give or take 5000 miles on them.

I am located in the Philadelphia area. Will drive to your garage if you are close enough. Must know what you are doing and not just winging it.

If no one is interested in doing so, I can just take them off myself in a few weeks. Just trying to make a quick deal. Let me know ppl.
Also have a 3" straight pipe from turboback that is on my car if this person also wants to swap for their stock exhaust plus cash. Money talks/ time is precious.

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