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A4 1.8 FS in MA

Well, this is it, I am finally ready to part with my A4. It is in outstandingly good condition, regardless of age, but for its age it is excellent. Here are the details:
1998 Santorin blue (This is a sexy dark blue, and the paint is in excellent condition), with gray leatherette interior (if you aren't thinking about it it does seem like leather, but if you think about how 9 year old leather would look, well, this isnt it). It is in excellent condition on the interior.
79,500 mi.
1.8 L turbo 4 motor, with the APR chip, HP supposed to be 197 hp, and 245 lb-ft torque, according to APR. It is noticably faster than stock.
Sport package (stiffer suspension)
manual transmission, 5 speed
Bose (OEM) stereo, 8 speakers plus sub in trunk.
6-CD changer in trunk.
It has a sunroof, in good working condition.
It has 35 % smoke tint all around.
The car has seen only 3 northeastern winters in its life.
Summer rubber: 225/45/17 Z Avon M 500 tires (~ 9k mi on them) on 17x7.5 Mille Miglia Cello wheels - these are 14 spoke wheels and are gorgeous on the car. I have written rave reviews about this tire - just look at my posts on the subject if you care.
Winter rubber: 205/55/16 Q Bridgestone Blizzak MZ-01 on the stock (sport pkg) 7 spoke, 16x7 wheels, about 10k mi on them. - this tire is not the rubbery ws-50. These are snow tires, but lean more towards performance winters than the blizzak. The are not as stiff and solid in the dry as say the LM-22, they are snow not winter performance tires. They are an excellent balance for the car.
I have all of the service records, and have kept up the car as well as anyone. Regarding service, the following has been done recently:
- New brake pads & rotors on all four wheels in early 2006.
- Replaced some coolant lines beginning to leak.
- 4 wheel alignment at a top-notch alignment shop (rec'd #1 by tirerack in its area)
- Royal purple transmission fluid replacement.
Service in 2005:
- 60k service, replaced timing belt, serpentine belt, water pump, etc.
I have run mobil 1 in the car since 5k mi, using a 5k mi or 6 mo oil change interval - whichever came first, always using stock filter.
I'm asking $9500 for this car.

Modified by humm at 10:40 AM 11/27/2006

Modified by humm at 10:40 AM 11/27/2006
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